Monday, August 27, 2012

WWW #33

I am so excited about having new things to wear this week.  I really enjoyed having some choices that were brand new.  I’ve also decided to start something new for the rest of my WWW posts.  Starting now I will list where I got each thing I’m wearing and when I got it.  What I hope to accomplish by this is to first of all show you where to get something if you really like something I’m wearing and second of all to show you that I have things in my closet that I’ve had for years and years and yet I still wear them.  A classic piece will remain that way for many years to come!  So, let’s move on to last week’s fashion, shall we?



Notice the big smile!

Pants:  Loft, August 2012

Shirt:  New York and Company, Summer of 2010

Shoes:  White House, Black Market Outlet, Spring 2012

Purse:  (not seen here…my bad!)  White House Black Market (matches the shoes), Spring 2012

Jewelry:  Necklace, bracelet and earrings:  White House Black market Outlet, Spring 2012, watch:  Avon, July 2012, bracelet:  Tiffany’s Summer 2009



I loved this outfit and I got tons of comments.  I just got the dress on my shopping trip to the Loft and brought it home and it matched the rest of the outfit exactly!

Dress:  Loft, August 2012

Sweater:  Macy’s, July 2011

Belt and shoes:  Brighton outlet, Spring 2012

Necklace, ring, and earrings:  Loft, August 2012; watch:  Avon:  July 2012, other bracelets:  Brighton, summer 2010, and Tiffany’s Summer 2009



Dress:  Loft, August 2012

Sweater:  Target, June 2010

Shoes:  Avon, summer 2009 (I think, maybe it was 2010, I don’t remember but I’ve had them forever!)

jewelry:  Brighton, sometime in 2008 I think, this was one of my first Brighton pieces, Tiffany’s, summer 2009, watch:  Avon  July 2012

Belt:  came with a skirt that I got at Penney’s last summer.



Pants:  Loft, August 2012

Shirt:  Loft, August 2012

Undershirt:  Van Heusen Outlet, Summer 2010

Shoes:  Brighton Outlet, Spring 2012

Jewelry:  Brighton flower necklace, bracelet, and earrings, Summer 2010; watch:  Avon, July 2012, Brighton Charm Bracelet, accumulated over time and gotten many charms as gifts.



Pants:  Loft, August 2012

Shirt:  Coldwater Creek online sale, Summer 2010

Undershirt:  Banana Republic, Summer 2009

Jewelry:  Brighton cross necklace, bracelet, earrings…a long time ago!  Also wearing my Brighton charm bracelet, my Brighton bangle which I got 2 summers ago, and a watch from Avon that I got in July 2012

Shoes:  DSW, Summer 2011

Purse:  Brighton red snake skin, summer 2011

Bonus Outfit!!!!

Hot Rod and I went out on Friday night to see one of our favorite performers doing the Blues Brothers at a local theatre in town.  I got dressed up for the occasion.


Skirt:  Loft, August 2012

Bustier:  Target, August 2012

Jean Jacket:  Old Navy, August 2012

Boots:  Brighton, Summer 2010

Belt:  Man…I can’t remember where I got the belt.  I’ll think about it and if I remember I’ll let you know.  Smile


inspired30 said...

Love your new dresses from the Loft! I have got to make it there! Tuesday and Wednesday outfits are my favorites! Loving that you are including where and when you got pieces now too.

BikerCandy said...

Inspired...I'm so sorry I'm so late in responding to your comment, but I really do appreciate your comments so I wanted to make sure and tell you that. I hope you've made it to the Loft since you wrote this. If not...YOU MUST GO!!!! I actually haven't been since I did this shopping spree but that's because I know if I go there will be another shopping spree done! :)