Monday, April 30, 2012

WWW #16

I made it!!!!!  After this post, I’m totally caught up.  Thanks for being so patient with my lazy butt!



I’m wearing my turquoise blue capris, a silver ruffled tank, my bright green/yellow shrug, and the scarf that ties it all together with all of those colors in it.  I paired it with my bright green/yellow sandals from Ann Taylor.



I’m wearing my beige capris, this super cute pink/orange/beige/black sleeveless top, a cream colored sweater, and my tan and bright pink Sperry sandals.  I love these shoes but they are sling backs and those dang straps will not stay on my heels.  Man, I wonder how I can fix them since they are not adjustable.



Sorry for the blurry picture today.  I’m wearing my black skirt suit with a white tank and my new black Coach sandals.


I worked from home last Thursday so I could wait for the garage door installer.  I didn’t take a picture of me in my shorts and t-shirt!  ha ha ha



I’m wearing my white capris with a brown with white polka dot blouse and brown Sperry’s.  These capris really make me look dumpy with this shirt.  Good thing I can’t wear this again! 

OK, that’s it folks.  I’m all caught up!  I’ll try really hard not to get so behind again.

WWW #15

Woo Hoo…one more week after this and I’m totally caught up!



I’m wearing my brown and cream jacket with a cream lacy tank, brown pants and my brown Sperry’s.



I’m wearing a red and white sleeveless ruffled blouse with my red Ralph Lauren sweater, white pants, red belt, and red shoes.  I also carried my red Brighton purse for the day too.  Totally cute!



I’m wearing my brown pants with a beige short sleeve t-shirt and my beige mesh with studs vest.  This shirt and vest match so well!  I was surprised when I looked for something to wear today and figured out they matched!  Yay!  I love it when I find new matching outfits!



I’m wearing my black and beige leopard print sweater with a beige blousy top that has rope trim and black pants.  I paired it all with my Boutique 9 sandals that I love so much!



I’m wearing my blue zebra print maxi dress with a simple white t-shirt under it and blue sandals.  Man, I love this dress.  It’s like wearing jammies to work!  ha ha ha

WWW #14

Just a couple of weeks behind now!  ha ha ha



OK, I have a confession to make…these shoes are new.  I broke down and bought some new shoes from the Coach Factory Online sale.  Bad me!  They are cute as can be though and super comfy!  I wore my black and white flowered sweater with a black flowery tank and my black capris with these new black tall sandals.  Aren’t they cute though?  In my defense though, I made it 4 months and change before I bought anything new.  I think that is a record for me!



I’m wearing my brown plaid capris with a cream tank and matching cream lace shirt.  The shoes are the other pair of new Coach sandals I just bought.  These are SUPER tall though and I actually changed shoes and wore some other sandals that day instead of these.  I just didn’t feel like wearing them after I put them on.  Oops!


OK, this is the first day that I actually forgot to take a picture of myself.  So, does this mean I can wear this exact same outfit some other time since no one really knows what I wore…including myself?



I’m wearing my navy blue suit with a light blue sleeveless blouse and nude heels.  Man, I love these shoes but they just kill my feet!



I’m wearing a black UMC shirt from my work with black pants and my Dept 9 blingy sandals.  I love these shoes!

WWW #13

Another catch-up post…



My black with pink, tan, and white flower skirt with a black tank and my pink with black sequin embroidery.  I’m also wearing my pink heels again.



I’m wearing my gray and purple flowered sweater with an ivory shell under it and gray pants.  I’m also wearing my gray heels.



I’m wearing my black pants, black sleeveless turtle neck, beige long sweater and my beige and black scarf.  I also am wearing my black Sperry’s.



I’m wearing my ivory twin set sweater and matching tank with brown pants and my brown Sperry’s.

No outfit for Friday, I took the day off!

WWW #12

Not much preamble in these posts, just trying to catch up.  Pardon my shortness.  Once I’m caught up, I’ll try to be more chatty.



This is my coral with cream and beige ruffled tank with a matching coral sweater.  I paired it with my beige capris and silver sandals.



My red, white, and blue maxi dress with red accessories.  A red sweater and red headband and my red jewelry.  I wore the same silver sandals I wore the day before.  Man, looking at this picture, this dress really makes me look pregnant and fat.  I need to rethink this fashion choice I do believe.



I’m wearing my lime green/yellowish tank with a sweater shrug (that matches it exactly and they didn’t come from the same place).  I paired it with my black capris and matching lime green sandals from Ann Taylor.  I really love these shoes and I’m so glad it’s Spring and I can wear them again!



I’m wearing this really awesome top.  It’s a silky material with a brown, red, and black print on it.  It is cut in at the top so it’s really hard to wear a bra with it, it pretty much only works with a strapless and I don’t know about you but my strapless bra KILLS me!  I wore my black shrug and black pants.  I’m also wearing my black sandal heels.



I’m wearing my gray sheath dress with my pink sweater and pink heels.  I really love these shoes and for as high as they are they are surprisingly comfortable.  They also got me a half price car wash that day because car washes were half price if you had on high heels!  Love it!

WWW #11

Still catching up…



I’m wearing my pink chiffon sleeveless shell with a matching brown with pink sweater and brown pants.  I wore my brown Ralph Lauren heels with it.



I’m wearing my black and tan leopard sweater, a black tank, black pants and my leopard Ann Taylor heels.  Man…I love these shoes so much!  They are calf hair and they are so freaking cute and comfortable!



I’m wearing my beige sheath dress with brown wide belt, brown shrug sweater and brown boots.  Very similar to the outfit I wore on Wednesday 2 weeks ago…but not the same.  ha ha ha



I’m wearing my black Tiffany blue sweater with my black sleeveless turtleneck and black pants.  I paired it with my black Sperry’s.



I’m wearing my gray ruffled sweater, black tank, black pants, and my black Sperry’s.  I really love this sweater.  It’s one of my faves.

WWW #10

Still trying to catch up, so these next few posts are going to be short and sweet…now on to the meat!



I’m wearing my silk black and tan tank, with a tan sweater and black pants.  I’ve paired it with my black Sperry’s.



I’m wearing one of my favorite tops.  It’s black with white polka-dots.  The front of this is so cute!  It has lace trim and a ribbon bow in the front.  I wore it with my khaki pants.  I actually have shoes that match this top exactly but I couldn’t find them this day so I just wore black heels.  Yippy!  You know what that means don’t you?  I can wear this exact same outfit again with the matching shoes!  ha ha ha

That’s it for this week.  I was sick as can be for the rest of this week and throughout the weekend.  I was actually still sick the next week but I did go ahead and come on in.

On to next week…

WWW #9

Man, I am so behind!  I keep thinking, oh yeah, I need to do my WWW posts and then something comes up and I totally forget again.  Well, I’m going to try and get caught up now.  Wish me luck!  ha ha ha

First up, Monday!


I’m wearing my pink and black ruffled top, my pink sweater with the black sequin embroidery, black capris and boots.  Hot Rod said to me this day…what are you expecting it to rain a bunch!  Men!



I’m wearing my black baby-doll top and black with white pants.  I actually don’t remember what shoes I’m wearing this time.  Man, I have to do this more often so I don’t forget things!



This is my brown with small white checked dress.  I paired it with a wide brown belt, my brown shrug sweater and brown boots.



This is my lime green/yellow twin set.  The bottom top is a layered chiffon tank and the matching sweater has the same pattern on the front with knitted sleeves, back, and trim.  I paired it with black pants and my black Sperry’s.



It’s casual day.  I’m wearing a black and gray print button down with black pants and my black Sperry’s.

Whew…short but sweet, now on to the next week!