Monday, August 27, 2012

WWW #33

I am so excited about having new things to wear this week.  I really enjoyed having some choices that were brand new.  I’ve also decided to start something new for the rest of my WWW posts.  Starting now I will list where I got each thing I’m wearing and when I got it.  What I hope to accomplish by this is to first of all show you where to get something if you really like something I’m wearing and second of all to show you that I have things in my closet that I’ve had for years and years and yet I still wear them.  A classic piece will remain that way for many years to come!  So, let’s move on to last week’s fashion, shall we?



Notice the big smile!

Pants:  Loft, August 2012

Shirt:  New York and Company, Summer of 2010

Shoes:  White House, Black Market Outlet, Spring 2012

Purse:  (not seen here…my bad!)  White House Black Market (matches the shoes), Spring 2012

Jewelry:  Necklace, bracelet and earrings:  White House Black market Outlet, Spring 2012, watch:  Avon, July 2012, bracelet:  Tiffany’s Summer 2009



I loved this outfit and I got tons of comments.  I just got the dress on my shopping trip to the Loft and brought it home and it matched the rest of the outfit exactly!

Dress:  Loft, August 2012

Sweater:  Macy’s, July 2011

Belt and shoes:  Brighton outlet, Spring 2012

Necklace, ring, and earrings:  Loft, August 2012; watch:  Avon:  July 2012, other bracelets:  Brighton, summer 2010, and Tiffany’s Summer 2009



Dress:  Loft, August 2012

Sweater:  Target, June 2010

Shoes:  Avon, summer 2009 (I think, maybe it was 2010, I don’t remember but I’ve had them forever!)

jewelry:  Brighton, sometime in 2008 I think, this was one of my first Brighton pieces, Tiffany’s, summer 2009, watch:  Avon  July 2012

Belt:  came with a skirt that I got at Penney’s last summer.



Pants:  Loft, August 2012

Shirt:  Loft, August 2012

Undershirt:  Van Heusen Outlet, Summer 2010

Shoes:  Brighton Outlet, Spring 2012

Jewelry:  Brighton flower necklace, bracelet, and earrings, Summer 2010; watch:  Avon, July 2012, Brighton Charm Bracelet, accumulated over time and gotten many charms as gifts.



Pants:  Loft, August 2012

Shirt:  Coldwater Creek online sale, Summer 2010

Undershirt:  Banana Republic, Summer 2009

Jewelry:  Brighton cross necklace, bracelet, earrings…a long time ago!  Also wearing my Brighton charm bracelet, my Brighton bangle which I got 2 summers ago, and a watch from Avon that I got in July 2012

Shoes:  DSW, Summer 2011

Purse:  Brighton red snake skin, summer 2011

Bonus Outfit!!!!

Hot Rod and I went out on Friday night to see one of our favorite performers doing the Blues Brothers at a local theatre in town.  I got dressed up for the occasion.


Skirt:  Loft, August 2012

Bustier:  Target, August 2012

Jean Jacket:  Old Navy, August 2012

Boots:  Brighton, Summer 2010

Belt:  Man…I can’t remember where I got the belt.  I’ll think about it and if I remember I’ll let you know.  Smile

Thursday, August 23, 2012


I have had several very inspiring things happen lately and I thought I would share them here on my blog.  First of all, because they actually relate to what this blog is all about, and Second of all because I’m quite proud of the things I’ve accomplished in regards to this inspiration.

So, let’s start with the first thing.  A friend of mine at work sent me a link a few weeks back to a blog she found.  This blog has some wonderful things on it and I was definitely inspired.  I looked and looked one day, kept hitting the “older posts” button and just enjoyed her stuff tremendously.  I’m talking about Petite Michelle Louise.  I strongly advise you head on over there and check her out.  She is quite frankly amazing and her style and taste is classy and fabulous!  The first thing you are going to notice about her is she does like WHITE!  And quite a bit of it.  Well, in one of her POSTS she shared a few transformations where she painted everything WHITE!  I was inspired.  The thing that caught my eye the most was the beautiful metal rose.  So, a few weeks ago we went to Dallas to visit our very dear friends and on Friday morning Hot Rod and I did a little scavenger hunting.  We went here to this wonderful antique store in Deep Ellum called Lula B’s.  While perusing there I found these:


I immediately thought of Petite Louise Michelle and thought they would look great painted.  They are made of metal and as you can see the color is a little, well let’s just say not great.  They were priced at $6.00 a piece so I went ahead and got them.  Then I painted them with my favorite color of white spray paint, Heirloom White and tada…


What a difference huh?



I hung them both up in my entry way but I may be taking one down and bringing it to my office when I redecorate it soon.  Here they are hanging in the entry way.




What do you think of my first bit of inspiration?  Pretty cool huh?

Now on to the 2nd thing that I’ve done lately.  I took a photography class from my daughter.  She actually taught me how to use my camera to the fullest extent.  You’ll be pleased (or I hope so anyway) to know I am not using my camera on the manual mode and actually adjusting my aperture, f-stop, and ISO.  Yeah, that’s me…Miss Bad to the Bone!  After our class we went and did some actual shooting with a model.  Check out of a few of the pictures I took of this beautiful girl…




I’m really happy how they all came out and I can’t wait to try more experimenting with my camera.  My next goal is to attend a local balloon festival and take some photos of the balloons all taking off and in the sky in the early morning.  I also want to take some still-life pictures for possible blowing up and using as art work in my office or home.

Now the last thing I’ve been inspired by lately is a couple of blogs I’ve found quite recently.  These have to do with my WWW posts though.  I’ve found 3 different blogs of girls that are posting what they wear every day.  Now while each of these girls looks like she is a size zero and definitely about 30 years younger than I am, I’m still inspired.  I like their taste and I love some of their outfits.  It’s giving me all kinds of ideas on new outfits to put together of my own.  I can’t wait to implement some of their ideas with stuff I have in my own closet.  Here are links to each of them in case you want to check them out yourself.  (I hope you won’t ditch me in favor of only them though, but to be honest, I wouldn’t blame you if you did…ha ha ha)

What She Wore

Kendie Every Day

Lilly's Style

OK, so there you go, there is 3 wonderful inspirations.  I hope I inspired you by just sharing how much I’ve been inspired.  What inspires you?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

WWW #32

OK, this is actually last week!  Can you believe?  I’m finally caught up with my WWW posts.



I am wearing my sequin cream shirt with a brownish skirt.  The shoes are from Coach and they are super tall!  They match this skirt perfectly though.  The skirt is not really brown-brown…it is more bronze like the shoes.



This is a new shirt I just got from Avon.  It is purple, gray and white.  I wore it with my white pants and purple shoes.  I also have purple jewelry as well.



Sorry for the blurry picture!  I’m wearing black capris with my cream tank with matching sweater.  I wore my black sparkly Toms with it.



I looked really good today and got quite a bit of attention…almost too much!  I curled my hair and it looked good for a change.  I am wearing my red dress that I got in New York 2 years ago.  It goes with this wide black belt.  I wore these black tasseled sandals with it.  The necklace is actually supposed to be much shorter but I thought it looked better longer.  To make it longer I just tied some black hemp to either end of the necklace and measured it out to the length I wanted.  My hair covered the tied ends.



Oops, my hair is still wet in the picture.  I guess you can tell I’m running late today!  I am wearing a very old sweater that I’ve had forever.  Unfortunately you can’t see the cool part of it in the picture either.  It has motorcycles made out of bright colored fabric and beads and gems on the sleeves.  I wore it with my black knit pants and black sparkly Toms.

I guess if I have to say it, my favorite outfit for this week was Thursday and the red dress.  I felt really pretty that day.

I can’t wait for next week.  I went to the Loft on Saturday and bought a bunch of new clothes.  I just needed an influx of some new things and they had all their sale stuff for an additional 50% off!  I can’t wait to show you some of the cool things I bought! Stay tuned…

WWW #31

Whew…almost caught up…



This is my blue zebra print maxi dress.  I wore it with a white t-shirt under it and navy sandals.



This is my blue floral sheath dress from Cold Water Creek a year or so ago.  I wore it with my white and silver Steve Madden sandals and a really fancy necklace I got from Ann Taylor.



This is a really cute orange knit shirt with off-white details.  I wore it with my khaki skirt and flat brown sandals.



This is one of my favorite tops.  I’m wearing my silver metallic tank with black capris and black shrug.  The sandals are gray with black and gray jewels on them.


Oops…I seem to have forgotten to take a picture this day.  Sorry!

WWW #30

This was a really bad week for me.  I was really sick the beginning of the week with some sort of flu.  I missed 3 days of work so I only have 2 outfits to share for this week.  The good part of being sick this week though was I got to sit home and watch the Olympics this week.  I love it!  They are the only sports that I actually watch.



I’m wearing navy capris with a cream colored knit shirt with a flower detail on the breast.  I wore it with my tan Brighton sandals.



This is one of those shirts that are so hard to pair with anything.  I wore it with my brown capris but they really didn’t match.  That color is just kind of between a brown and a gray so it doesn’t match anything.  Oh well, I wore it anyway.  I paired it with my brown flat sandals.

WWW #29

OK, it is official…I hate my hair cut.  As I’ve been doing all these posts to get caught up I’ve gone from pictures with my hair before to the way it is now and I MISS MY HAIR!!!!! 



Yep…time to lose some of these unwanted pounds.  This looks horrible!  I’m wearing a black and tan striped blouse with my black capris and my black sparkly Toms.



This is a brown and white checked western shirt with my white capris.  I wore it with a wide brown leather belt and some brown sandals.  It actually was a pretty cute outfit.



This is a cute black, white, and yellow dress from Coldwater Creek that I got on sale a couple of years ago.  I wore it with a yellow cardigan belted with a wide black belt.  The shoes are peep toe sandals from Target.




I’m wearing gray pants with a black tank and turquoise sweater.  The scarf ties it all together with all of those colors in it. 



I’m wearing my blue work shirt with my off white capris and blue sandals.  The sandals matched the shirt perfectly!  I love when that happens!

WWW #28

OK, I’ve gained about 15 pounds I think in the last couple of months and it finally caught up with me and my clothes have been not fitting so great.  So, it was time to cut back seriously on eating.  Wish me luck that I can get some of these unwanted pounds off!



This is my brown pants along with a cream colored top and cream lacey vest.  I’ve worn this vest before but I just realized it matched this top too!  It looked great together.



I’m wearing my black plaid short pants/shorts with a white blouse.  I wore a long beaded necklace with black, white, and gray.  The shoes are tall platform linen sandals I got from Avon last year.



This is a tan and white print knit top and I wore it with my white capris and my tan Brighton sandals.



Ah, this is a cute outfit!  I wore this top as a dress in the winter and really regretted it.  It was way too short, but as a top, it’s super cute.  I wore it with my navy capris and it turns out that my yellowish Ann Taylor sandals matched it perfectly!  I wore it all with a gold chain belt.



We went to Dallas to visit our really good friends.  I spent the weekend in the pool and doing some cool Dallas shopping.  I had a great time!

My favorite outfit this week was on Thursday.  I love that outfit and I will wear it again…just maybe with my navy pants in the fall or something.

WWW #27

It’s the dog days of summer and man is it ever hot!  Keeping cool in these temps is downright impossible.  So, I got my hair done on Saturday of this week and in a moment of insanity I think I cut my hair.  Yep, I cut about 8 inches off.  I also got it colored as well, but I normally do that anyway.  Got to cover that gray right?  So, this is my first week with the new hair. 



Man, I sure am slouchy for a new hair cut and Monday aren’t I?  I am wearing my khaki pants, a brown and khaki print top and just my brown Sperry loafers.  This is my new hairdo too.



OK, this is my official repeat this year.  However I’m counting it as a new outfit because of the haircut.  I know it’s a copout and a cheesy excuse but I can’t help it.  I will most likely wear this outfit one more time before summer is over too.  I LOVE it.  It is that navy floral long dress with the white sweater and the khaki Brighton sandals and belt. 



I’m wearing a bright pink printed tank with a matching short sleeve cardigan and black pants.  The shoes are my black sparkly Toms.



This is my brown pants with a lace blouse with a matching tank under it.  I am wearing it my brown Brighton jewelry and the tan Brighton sandals.



This is my light pink silk chiffon pleated skirt.  I wore it with the white blouse from my Outlet Mall shopping and my tall pink Calvin Klein heels.

My favorite outfit this week was my Tuesday outfit.  Man…I just love that dress and it looks so good on.  The pictures just don’t do it justice!

WWW #26

So, it’s now 26 weeks in to the year.  I’ve made it halfway there!  Woop Woop!  Let’s see how I can do…



You may notice it’s a different view.  The Hubs was in the bathroom getting ready so I had to take my picture in my scrapbook room.  Ok, back to business though…I’m wearing one of my favorite tops.  It’s a black, gray, and white top with a bead print.  I paired it with black capris, a black shrug, and my black sparkly Toms.



This is a cute sheath dress I bought at the Ann Taylor outlet a few years ago.  It is a black and white print with green accents.  I wore it with my black Brighton sandals with the jewels.



It’s the 4th of July!!!!  No work today.  We did go to the parade downtown though and this is my sweet grandbaby enjoying the parade.  She was thrilled with everything about it!



This is one of my favorite tops.  It is a black and white and mint with a beaded neckline.  I paired it with the matching mint cardigan and black capris.  I wore my Coach chunky sandals with it.  I think I’ve worn this before but not with these shoes so that makes it a different outfit!



I’m wearing my navy capris with a cream silky shirt.  The accessories make this outfit though.  The necklace is a chunky blue and gold piece I got from Stella and Dot.  I wore gold bracelets and my gold sandals with it. 

OK, this is a much better week than last week.  I actually liked all of these outfits. 

WWW #25

Man, I’m so behind on these posts.  I keep telling myself I will be better and then I just totally slack again.  Let’s get caught up shall we?



This is this really cute yellow print dress I’ve had for awhile.  I wore it with my platform brown flower sandals from Target.



I’m wearing this goldish sleeveless blouse with my black capris.  I wore a wide black belt and then the shoes are a copper colored sandal.  (They really didn’t match that well and I was self conscious about them all day!)



This is a new dress I got from Avon.  I actually really like it.  I wore it with my black patent leather sandals.



I really hate this outfit.  I was just too lazy and late to change after I got dressed.  I’m wearing a sleeveless top with a black skirt and the pink and black shrug.  The shoes are flat black velvet thongs.  YUCK!



I’m wearing a long white silk blouse, blue capris and my white Brighton sandals. 

Man, I don’t even have a favorite outfit this week.  They are all just bleh!