Sunday, August 19, 2012

WWW #25

Man, I’m so behind on these posts.  I keep telling myself I will be better and then I just totally slack again.  Let’s get caught up shall we?



This is this really cute yellow print dress I’ve had for awhile.  I wore it with my platform brown flower sandals from Target.



I’m wearing this goldish sleeveless blouse with my black capris.  I wore a wide black belt and then the shoes are a copper colored sandal.  (They really didn’t match that well and I was self conscious about them all day!)



This is a new dress I got from Avon.  I actually really like it.  I wore it with my black patent leather sandals.



I really hate this outfit.  I was just too lazy and late to change after I got dressed.  I’m wearing a sleeveless top with a black skirt and the pink and black shrug.  The shoes are flat black velvet thongs.  YUCK!



I’m wearing a long white silk blouse, blue capris and my white Brighton sandals. 

Man, I don’t even have a favorite outfit this week.  They are all just bleh!

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