Sunday, August 19, 2012

WWW #28

OK, I’ve gained about 15 pounds I think in the last couple of months and it finally caught up with me and my clothes have been not fitting so great.  So, it was time to cut back seriously on eating.  Wish me luck that I can get some of these unwanted pounds off!



This is my brown pants along with a cream colored top and cream lacey vest.  I’ve worn this vest before but I just realized it matched this top too!  It looked great together.



I’m wearing my black plaid short pants/shorts with a white blouse.  I wore a long beaded necklace with black, white, and gray.  The shoes are tall platform linen sandals I got from Avon last year.



This is a tan and white print knit top and I wore it with my white capris and my tan Brighton sandals.



Ah, this is a cute outfit!  I wore this top as a dress in the winter and really regretted it.  It was way too short, but as a top, it’s super cute.  I wore it with my navy capris and it turns out that my yellowish Ann Taylor sandals matched it perfectly!  I wore it all with a gold chain belt.



We went to Dallas to visit our really good friends.  I spent the weekend in the pool and doing some cool Dallas shopping.  I had a great time!

My favorite outfit this week was on Thursday.  I love that outfit and I will wear it again…just maybe with my navy pants in the fall or something.

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