Sunday, August 19, 2012

WWW #32

OK, this is actually last week!  Can you believe?  I’m finally caught up with my WWW posts.



I am wearing my sequin cream shirt with a brownish skirt.  The shoes are from Coach and they are super tall!  They match this skirt perfectly though.  The skirt is not really brown-brown…it is more bronze like the shoes.



This is a new shirt I just got from Avon.  It is purple, gray and white.  I wore it with my white pants and purple shoes.  I also have purple jewelry as well.



Sorry for the blurry picture!  I’m wearing black capris with my cream tank with matching sweater.  I wore my black sparkly Toms with it.



I looked really good today and got quite a bit of attention…almost too much!  I curled my hair and it looked good for a change.  I am wearing my red dress that I got in New York 2 years ago.  It goes with this wide black belt.  I wore these black tasseled sandals with it.  The necklace is actually supposed to be much shorter but I thought it looked better longer.  To make it longer I just tied some black hemp to either end of the necklace and measured it out to the length I wanted.  My hair covered the tied ends.



Oops, my hair is still wet in the picture.  I guess you can tell I’m running late today!  I am wearing a very old sweater that I’ve had forever.  Unfortunately you can’t see the cool part of it in the picture either.  It has motorcycles made out of bright colored fabric and beads and gems on the sleeves.  I wore it with my black knit pants and black sparkly Toms.

I guess if I have to say it, my favorite outfit for this week was Thursday and the red dress.  I felt really pretty that day.

I can’t wait for next week.  I went to the Loft on Saturday and bought a bunch of new clothes.  I just needed an influx of some new things and they had all their sale stuff for an additional 50% off!  I can’t wait to show you some of the cool things I bought! Stay tuned…

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Sassy said...

i enjoy all these outfits! the avon top is cute and i really like your haircut!