Sunday, August 19, 2012

WWW #26

So, it’s now 26 weeks in to the year.  I’ve made it halfway there!  Woop Woop!  Let’s see how I can do…



You may notice it’s a different view.  The Hubs was in the bathroom getting ready so I had to take my picture in my scrapbook room.  Ok, back to business though…I’m wearing one of my favorite tops.  It’s a black, gray, and white top with a bead print.  I paired it with black capris, a black shrug, and my black sparkly Toms.



This is a cute sheath dress I bought at the Ann Taylor outlet a few years ago.  It is a black and white print with green accents.  I wore it with my black Brighton sandals with the jewels.



It’s the 4th of July!!!!  No work today.  We did go to the parade downtown though and this is my sweet grandbaby enjoying the parade.  She was thrilled with everything about it!



This is one of my favorite tops.  It is a black and white and mint with a beaded neckline.  I paired it with the matching mint cardigan and black capris.  I wore my Coach chunky sandals with it.  I think I’ve worn this before but not with these shoes so that makes it a different outfit!



I’m wearing my navy capris with a cream silky shirt.  The accessories make this outfit though.  The necklace is a chunky blue and gold piece I got from Stella and Dot.  I wore gold bracelets and my gold sandals with it. 

OK, this is a much better week than last week.  I actually liked all of these outfits. 

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