Sunday, August 19, 2012

WWW #27

It’s the dog days of summer and man is it ever hot!  Keeping cool in these temps is downright impossible.  So, I got my hair done on Saturday of this week and in a moment of insanity I think I cut my hair.  Yep, I cut about 8 inches off.  I also got it colored as well, but I normally do that anyway.  Got to cover that gray right?  So, this is my first week with the new hair. 



Man, I sure am slouchy for a new hair cut and Monday aren’t I?  I am wearing my khaki pants, a brown and khaki print top and just my brown Sperry loafers.  This is my new hairdo too.



OK, this is my official repeat this year.  However I’m counting it as a new outfit because of the haircut.  I know it’s a copout and a cheesy excuse but I can’t help it.  I will most likely wear this outfit one more time before summer is over too.  I LOVE it.  It is that navy floral long dress with the white sweater and the khaki Brighton sandals and belt. 



I’m wearing a bright pink printed tank with a matching short sleeve cardigan and black pants.  The shoes are my black sparkly Toms.



This is my brown pants with a lace blouse with a matching tank under it.  I am wearing it my brown Brighton jewelry and the tan Brighton sandals.



This is my light pink silk chiffon pleated skirt.  I wore it with the white blouse from my Outlet Mall shopping and my tall pink Calvin Klein heels.

My favorite outfit this week was my Tuesday outfit.  Man…I just love that dress and it looks so good on.  The pictures just don’t do it justice!

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