Thursday, August 23, 2012


I have had several very inspiring things happen lately and I thought I would share them here on my blog.  First of all, because they actually relate to what this blog is all about, and Second of all because I’m quite proud of the things I’ve accomplished in regards to this inspiration.

So, let’s start with the first thing.  A friend of mine at work sent me a link a few weeks back to a blog she found.  This blog has some wonderful things on it and I was definitely inspired.  I looked and looked one day, kept hitting the “older posts” button and just enjoyed her stuff tremendously.  I’m talking about Petite Michelle Louise.  I strongly advise you head on over there and check her out.  She is quite frankly amazing and her style and taste is classy and fabulous!  The first thing you are going to notice about her is she does like WHITE!  And quite a bit of it.  Well, in one of her POSTS she shared a few transformations where she painted everything WHITE!  I was inspired.  The thing that caught my eye the most was the beautiful metal rose.  So, a few weeks ago we went to Dallas to visit our very dear friends and on Friday morning Hot Rod and I did a little scavenger hunting.  We went here to this wonderful antique store in Deep Ellum called Lula B’s.  While perusing there I found these:


I immediately thought of Petite Louise Michelle and thought they would look great painted.  They are made of metal and as you can see the color is a little, well let’s just say not great.  They were priced at $6.00 a piece so I went ahead and got them.  Then I painted them with my favorite color of white spray paint, Heirloom White and tada…


What a difference huh?



I hung them both up in my entry way but I may be taking one down and bringing it to my office when I redecorate it soon.  Here they are hanging in the entry way.




What do you think of my first bit of inspiration?  Pretty cool huh?

Now on to the 2nd thing that I’ve done lately.  I took a photography class from my daughter.  She actually taught me how to use my camera to the fullest extent.  You’ll be pleased (or I hope so anyway) to know I am not using my camera on the manual mode and actually adjusting my aperture, f-stop, and ISO.  Yeah, that’s me…Miss Bad to the Bone!  After our class we went and did some actual shooting with a model.  Check out of a few of the pictures I took of this beautiful girl…




I’m really happy how they all came out and I can’t wait to try more experimenting with my camera.  My next goal is to attend a local balloon festival and take some photos of the balloons all taking off and in the sky in the early morning.  I also want to take some still-life pictures for possible blowing up and using as art work in my office or home.

Now the last thing I’ve been inspired by lately is a couple of blogs I’ve found quite recently.  These have to do with my WWW posts though.  I’ve found 3 different blogs of girls that are posting what they wear every day.  Now while each of these girls looks like she is a size zero and definitely about 30 years younger than I am, I’m still inspired.  I like their taste and I love some of their outfits.  It’s giving me all kinds of ideas on new outfits to put together of my own.  I can’t wait to implement some of their ideas with stuff I have in my own closet.  Here are links to each of them in case you want to check them out yourself.  (I hope you won’t ditch me in favor of only them though, but to be honest, I wouldn’t blame you if you did…ha ha ha)

What She Wore

Kendie Every Day

Lilly's Style

OK, so there you go, there is 3 wonderful inspirations.  I hope I inspired you by just sharing how much I’ve been inspired.  What inspires you?


inspired30 said...

Love love love the inspiration!! Those metal flowers look fabulous in your entry way that has so much inspiration already. You are amazing!!

Love hearing about you photography class. Your daughter is so talented!

I always like reading your fun WWW posts.

Thanks for posting such a fun post of inspiration!!

BikerCandy said...

Inspired, I hope you know that you inspire me all the time! I am constantly amazed by you!