Sunday, August 19, 2012

WWW #29

OK, it is official…I hate my hair cut.  As I’ve been doing all these posts to get caught up I’ve gone from pictures with my hair before to the way it is now and I MISS MY HAIR!!!!! 



Yep…time to lose some of these unwanted pounds.  This looks horrible!  I’m wearing a black and tan striped blouse with my black capris and my black sparkly Toms.



This is a brown and white checked western shirt with my white capris.  I wore it with a wide brown leather belt and some brown sandals.  It actually was a pretty cute outfit.



This is a cute black, white, and yellow dress from Coldwater Creek that I got on sale a couple of years ago.  I wore it with a yellow cardigan belted with a wide black belt.  The shoes are peep toe sandals from Target.




I’m wearing gray pants with a black tank and turquoise sweater.  The scarf ties it all together with all of those colors in it. 



I’m wearing my blue work shirt with my off white capris and blue sandals.  The sandals matched the shirt perfectly!  I love when that happens!

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