Monday, July 9, 2012

I’m a Maxinista!

Have you seen those TJ Maxx commercials where the girl says “I’m a Maxinista!”?  Well, I definitely can respond YES, YES, YES I am!

I went there the other day with my daughter after lunch.  I was looking for tablecloths for a baby shower that I’m helping hostess this coming weekend.  (I didn’t find any tablecloths that would work though.”  However I did find some other wonderful things.  For example…behold this beauty:


He is a cutey patootey white ceramic owl.  He’s actually a vase (it is open behind his head) but I doubt very seriously I will ever use him for a vase.  He stands about 14 or so inches tall and he’s perfect for my “mantle”.  Check him out in his new place of residence:


Isn’t he perfect for there?  And his price?  $14.99!!!!  Yep, that’s right ladies, a whopping $15.00! 

My other find while I was there was a new quilt for my bed.  I’m just loving quilts these days.  I can’t stand comforters anymore.  They are just so thick and cumbersome and in this Texas heat they just end up thrown on the floor to gather dust.  Our bed is a queen size bed but I like to buy a king size quilt and it ends up being just right to cover the entire bed.  I love my new quilt on the bed too!



Price for the new quilt?  $49.99!  I LOVE IT!

I’m definitely a Maxinista!  How about you?  Do you love TJ Maxx too?


Christina said...

Hi there!
I just bought the same Owl vase from HomeGoods for $12.99. It was marked $19.99 but rang up as 13 bucks so I was even more excited about my purchase. :) While I was shopping I was also looking for a I too live in Texas and feel the same way you do about the heat and a thick comforter. I love the one you found! Do you know what the brand is, so I can search for it?


BikerCandy said...

Christina, I'm so sorry it has taken me this long to respond. I keep forgetting to respond to comments and I've vowed to be better and to actually go back and comment on every comment I had in 2012. Unfortunately I can't answer your question though. I have no idea what brand the comforter is. I threw away all of the packaging when I put it on the bed and even tore off the tags on it. Sorry!