Tuesday, October 9, 2012

WWW #37

Well, I did it again, I let myself get behind.  Sorry about that!  I’ll catch up today and even throw in another off topic post highlighting my Fall Décor in my house!

So, let’s go!



I actually kind of like this look if it weren’t for my really ugly fat WHITE legs.  I need some color on those babies…oh and a few less pounds on them wouldn’t hurt either!

Dress:  Calvin Klein via www.ruelala.com – Early 2011 I think????

Sweater:  New York and Company (I think, it’s really old) – 2010 I think?

Belt:  Came with a dress or a shirt or something????

Shoes:  Target – These are the new ones I just got and I love the splash of color in the otherwise neutral outfit!

Jewelry:  Avon, Tiffany’s



Pants:  Target – August 2012

Blouse: Ann Taylor – 2011

Belt: Same as above, not really sure

Shoes: Coach Factory On-line – Summer 2012

Jewelry:  Avon, Tiffany’s, Brighton



This is a perfect example of transitioning something from summer to Fall, do you remember when I wore this dress before?  HERE  Well, with a few changes, the dress moves perfectly into Fall.

Dress:  Loft – August 2012

Sweater:  New York and Company – 2011

Belt:  Brighton Outlet – 2010

Shoes:  Avon – 2011

Jewelry:  Loft, Brighton, Avon



Dress:  Sams – September 2012

Leggings:  ???? I have no idea, they are super old though

Shoes:  Chinese Laundry via online Zullily.com

Jewelry:  Brighton, Tiffany’s, Avon



Pants:  Target – August 2012

Sweater:  Loft – August 2012

Shirt:  Kohls – very old, probably 2008 maybe????

Shoes:  Local Boutique – very old and they are actually retired now.  I actually didn’t even make it out of the house with them on.  They are just too big and they were coming off my feet and I decided not to mess with them.  Although I love them because they match this shirt so perfectly, I’m tired of fighting with them whenever I wear them.  Out they are going.  Sniff Sniff Sniff

So, I’m thinking Tuesday was my favorite this week?  Do you have a fave?

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