Monday, October 22, 2012

WWW #40

This weather thing is just hit and miss these days.  One day we will have a perfectly lovely Fall day and then the next it will be like mid summer with temps in the high 90’s!  It makes it hard to dress when I’ve moved my clothes around already and my summer clothes have been relegated to the back closet!  But, I’ve been managing somehow.  So, let’s take a look-see…



This was my attempt at taking a huge fashion jump.  I think I managed ok, not perfect but ok.  The bright pink belt with an otherwise all black and white outfit is what I’m talking about.  I think I pulled it off though.

Blouse:  Target, September 2012

Black Skinnies:  Target, August 2012

Belt:  Target, October 2012

Shoes:  Steve Madden from, last month

Jewelry:  Brighton, Target, Stella and Dot, Avon



I really liked this outfit.  I paired this shirt with white pants previously but the gray looks really good with it too.

Pants:  Target, August 2012

Shirt:  Avon, July 2012

Shoes:  Boutique 9, from in 2011 I think????

Jewelry:  Avon, Brighton, Tiffany’s



OK, this outfit I totally stole!  I got my inspiration from HERE

Check her out in her version of this outfit:


This girl has the most amazing outfits and I love just about everything she puts together.  So, I loved this outfit and wanted to copy it.  My problem though is I didn’t have a black and white polka-dot shirt.  I’ve been kind of in trouble for spending too much money lately so I decided to try my hand at finding it thrifting instead.  I went to my local Goodwill one day at lunch and I found it!  It isn’t perfect because it’s short sleeved instead of sleeveless but I managed to make it work anyway.  I think in the future I’ll cut off the sleeves though.  So, I did pretty good huh?  Of course this lady looks so much cuter, thinner, and younger than I do but I still like the outfit.

My version:

Skirt:  Kohls, 2010 I think

Sweater:  New York and Company, 2010

Blouse:  Goodwill, $3.00!!!!  October 2012

Shoes:  DSW, September 2012

Belt:  Came with another dress

Necklace and earrings:  New York and Company, 2010

Rest of the jewelry:  Brighton, Avon, Tiffany’s



Look at me!  Being all brave and stuff again.  Pairing the 2 new Fall IT colors!  Mustard and Oxblood (aka burgundy for those of us that remember it being called that as long ago as this summer!) 

Pants:  Target, September 2012

Shoes:  Target, September 2012

Sweater:  Kohls, Winter 2011

Black Tank:  Ann Taylor, 2011

Necklace, earrings, bracelet:  Avon

Rest of the jewelry:  Brighton, Avon, Tiffany’s



Well, while I was at Goodwill I found this little top as well.  It’s got a cute little cowgirl on it and it says Rodeo Wild.  Another well spent $3.00

Top:  Goodwill, $3.00!!!!  October 2012

Pants:  Target, October 2012

Jacket:  Old Navy, August 2012

Shoes:  Avon, 2011

Jewelry:  Tiffany’s, Avon, Brighton

So, there was the week before last?  What was your favorite outfit?  I have to go with the one that I copied from the “Outfit Posts” blog.  I just loved that turquoise with the gray and the black and white together! 

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