Tuesday, October 9, 2012

WWW #39

Last fashion post for today!  I’m caught up after this one.


Well, it appears I forgot to take a picture on Monday.  Oops!  Unfortunately I have no idea what I wore either.  It will have to remain a mystery.



Pants:  Loft – August 2012

Blouse:  Local boutique from a Group-on deal – September 2012

Sweater:  New York and Company – 2011

Shoes:  Coach Factory Online – Summery 2012

Jewelry:  Premier, Stella and Dot, Avon, Tiffany’s



Pants:  Ann Taylor – 2011

Blouse:  Target – Summer 2012

Shoes:  Target – August 2012

Belt:  Came with the shirt

Jewelry: Brighton, Avon, Tiffany’s



Brrr…it was cold today!

Pants:  New York and Company – Winter 2011

Shirt:  Avon – Summer 2012

Sweater:  Harley Davidson – Winter 2011

Shoes:  Toms – Thrifted



Pants:  Target – August 2012

Shirt:  Work – August 2012

T-shirt under t-shirt – Ralph Lauren Polo Outlet – 2010

Boots:  Avon – 2011

Jewelry:  Brighton, Avon

Well, this was sure a dud week for my fashion choices.  I don’t like a single day’s outfit choice.  Bummer…remind me not to do that again!


Sassy said...

the monday outfit. oh. my. gosh. LOVE IT!!

BikerCandy said...

Sassy...um ok...since I didn't post a Monday outfit I'm going to assume you meant Tuesday! ha ha ha

I love those Coach tennis shoes! I liked that outfit too. I felt really young in it.