Monday, October 22, 2012

WWW #41

Not much to say about this week until the end…I’ll save that for then.



Pants:  Target, August 2012

Sweater:  Ann Taylor Outlet, 2011

Shirt:  New York and Company, 2010

Shoes:  White House, Black Market, 2011

Jewelry:  Tiffany’s, Avon, Brighton, Fredericks of Hollywood (don’t ask!  ha ha ha)



Pink and black and white is really one of my very favorite color combos!

Skirt:  Ann Taylor, VERY OLD!

Blouse:  New York and Company, 2010 I think

Sweater:  Macy’s, 2010

Shoes:  Calvin Klein via, 2011 I think

Jewelry:  Brighton, Avon, Tiffany’s



So, this is my first time to pair black and brown together and I really like it!

Pants:  Target, September 2012

Shirt:  Coldwater Creek, 2010

Sweater:  Kohls, 2010

Boots:  Target, September 2012

Necklace:  Avon

Other jewelry:  Avon, Brighton, Tiffany’s



So, I totally love this outfit.  The scarf just pulls it all together.  The shoes ended up matching the pants exactly!  Unfortunately, those shoes were the death of me!  I fell AGAIN!  This time leaving work and right in front of the building.  I was so embarrassed.  I really hurt my right foot too when it twisted so there is no outfit for Friday, I worked from home and kept it up with ice on it.  It’s fine now so no permanent damage…except to my pride.  From now on, I will not be wearing my heels to and from the building.  I’m not giving them up totally though!  I will just wear flats in and out and then change to my heels when I get to my office. 

Pants:  Target, August 2012

Shoes:  Target, August 2012

Sweater;  Target, 2011

Shirt:  Loft, August 2012

Scarf:  Avon, 2010, earlier in the year

Jewelry:  Avon, Brighton, Tiffany’s.

So, even though those shoes killed me I still love this outfit the most for the week.  I really liked the color combo and I felt cute all day!  Which is your favorite?


Sassy said...

i've said it before, and i'll say it again.... you should wear some shade of yellow every day! so gorgeous in it! loving the oxblood pants!

enjoyed catching myself up on your blog today!

BikerCandy said...

Sassy, thanks so much! I love yellow and from what I hear, not everyone can pull it off. I appreciate you saying that I am one of the few that can!