Friday, October 19, 2012

Gripes and Gratitudes

I’m starting a new thing this week.  I’ve seen this on a few of the blogs I read and decided to adopt it myself.  I’ll try to do this weekly, hopefully every Friday.  It’s called Gripes and Gratitudes.  So, let’s start with the Gratitudes…because it’s always better to be thankful for what you have before you bitch about what you don’t, agreed?

*  My sweet baby granddaughter has learned our names.  She can say Nana and Pops very clearly now.  I’m trying not to be jealous that she says Pops a lot more and she goes running to him every time she sees us. 

*  Sons of Anarchy! OMG!  I LOVE this show.

*  I’m going on a long weekend with the Love of my Life next weekend.  We are going to Santa Fe and I’m looking forward to it so much!

*  I had lunch with my daughters yesterday and it just reminded me how very lucky and so very thankful I am for my girls.  They are the most amazing women on the planet!

*  The weather lately has been amazing!  It is so beautiful this time of year.

Now let’s do the gripes…

*  I fell yesterday leaving work…right in front of the front door of the hospital!  I twisted my foot and it hurts like hell.  I’m working from home today to keep it elevated.  I’m going to have to swear off my heels walking in and out of work!  I’m sad about that.  I love my shoes!

*  My sister went through all of her husband’s life insurance in about a week.  She hasn’t paid her loan payment to me this month and now I’m going to have to call her and ask for it.  I HATE being a damn bill collector!

*  I have gained way too much weight recently.  I’m so depressed about it!  It seems no matter what I do, the weight just keeps climbing.  Dang, this getting old business is just so hard!

So, looks like I have more things to be thankful for.  Life is good!


Sassy said...

i love your new gripes and gratitudes feature! lovely!

BikerCandy said...

Sassy, I have been a slacker on this but I promise to get back on the saddle and do these posts more often!