Monday, October 22, 2012

A Thriftin’ We Will Go!

Well, have you been thrifting lately?  I have, I have!  Now, before I go any further, I have a confession to make.  My hubs, great that he may be, just does not have my vision!  He doesn’t get it…and in turn sometimes he just doesn’t get me!  Well, finally the clouds broke, the sun beams shined down, and angels sung in harmony…Hot Rod actually liked a couple of my recent thrifts.  Yay me!  First off, I went to an estate sale the other day and found these treasures:


This crate was $3.00.  It’s kind of an ugly hunter green, but a little spray paint and this will be quite lovely for storage.


These books were my biggest expenditure because they were $3.50 each.  They are pricey but I chose them based on a couple of things, first off color, second wear, and third age.  I just love using books like this as “height enhancers” for my décor on shelves or tables.  These books were quite the treasure hunt too.


I found these old newspaper clippings in the “A Tale of Two Cities” book.  They looked really old.  I couldn’t find a date but the advertisements on them are great!


I loved the colors in this book.  The cover colors were amazing!  Then I opened it up and found the publish date…


I guess this is a second edition or something, because the original copywright was 1898 and this one was copywrighted in 1909. 


It had all kinds of things stuck in the pages, included this Home Mission Bulletin.  I just love finding stuff like this. 

But, Hot Rod wasn’t just thrilled with this stuff, it was the next things I found…


1967 Playboys!  They are so cool.  Hot Rod just loved them.  He got quite a kick out of the prices of things in advertisements.  Cars for like $750!  Can you believe?  I got 3 of them and really wish I would have bought them all.  They were $5.00 a piece which we found to be the actual value of them, so no real big huge find there but they are in amazing condition and I’m just happy to have them.  Here are the other 2 I got.  I actually chose mine based on the covers.  I thought they were cool.


I can’t find the hidden bunny on this one…unless the big bunny is the “hidden” one, but I just didn’t think it would be that.  Can you find the hidden bunny?  If so, please tell!


I did find the hidden bunny on this one…it’s his shoe lace.

This estate sale had so much Christmas stuff including tons of village stuff.  I have been collecting village stuff for years now.  I really loved a few of their things but they were priced just too high in my opinion.  All of their buildings they had priced at $27.50.  Which goes to show you why they were still there.  That’s just too much for those at a used price.  I did find some accessories though for the village that I thought were priced ok so this is what I got from them:


So, that was my estate sale finds.  Have you found anything cool lately while estate sale shopping?  I’ve decided I really need to get my lazy butt up on Saturdays and start hitting some garage sales.  I need to get to some things before the “professionals” price them at the estate sale!  ha ha ha


Sassy said...

you know i'm not big at thrifting, but i enjoy your purchases! i do love finding things in old books.

BikerCandy said...

Sassy, one of these days we need to do a girls day out and go thrifting! I swear you will love it if you try it!!!