Monday, April 30, 2012

WWW #9

Man, I am so behind!  I keep thinking, oh yeah, I need to do my WWW posts and then something comes up and I totally forget again.  Well, I’m going to try and get caught up now.  Wish me luck!  ha ha ha

First up, Monday!


I’m wearing my pink and black ruffled top, my pink sweater with the black sequin embroidery, black capris and boots.  Hot Rod said to me this day…what are you expecting it to rain a bunch!  Men!



I’m wearing my black baby-doll top and black with white pants.  I actually don’t remember what shoes I’m wearing this time.  Man, I have to do this more often so I don’t forget things!



This is my brown with small white checked dress.  I paired it with a wide brown belt, my brown shrug sweater and brown boots.



This is my lime green/yellow twin set.  The bottom top is a layered chiffon tank and the matching sweater has the same pattern on the front with knitted sleeves, back, and trim.  I paired it with black pants and my black Sperry’s.



It’s casual day.  I’m wearing a black and gray print button down with black pants and my black Sperry’s.

Whew…short but sweet, now on to the next week!

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