Monday, April 30, 2012

WWW #14

Just a couple of weeks behind now!  ha ha ha



OK, I have a confession to make…these shoes are new.  I broke down and bought some new shoes from the Coach Factory Online sale.  Bad me!  They are cute as can be though and super comfy!  I wore my black and white flowered sweater with a black flowery tank and my black capris with these new black tall sandals.  Aren’t they cute though?  In my defense though, I made it 4 months and change before I bought anything new.  I think that is a record for me!



I’m wearing my brown plaid capris with a cream tank and matching cream lace shirt.  The shoes are the other pair of new Coach sandals I just bought.  These are SUPER tall though and I actually changed shoes and wore some other sandals that day instead of these.  I just didn’t feel like wearing them after I put them on.  Oops!


OK, this is the first day that I actually forgot to take a picture of myself.  So, does this mean I can wear this exact same outfit some other time since no one really knows what I wore…including myself?



I’m wearing my navy blue suit with a light blue sleeveless blouse and nude heels.  Man, I love these shoes but they just kill my feet!



I’m wearing a black UMC shirt from my work with black pants and my Dept 9 blingy sandals.  I love these shoes!

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