Monday, April 30, 2012

WWW #16

I made it!!!!!  After this post, I’m totally caught up.  Thanks for being so patient with my lazy butt!



I’m wearing my turquoise blue capris, a silver ruffled tank, my bright green/yellow shrug, and the scarf that ties it all together with all of those colors in it.  I paired it with my bright green/yellow sandals from Ann Taylor.



I’m wearing my beige capris, this super cute pink/orange/beige/black sleeveless top, a cream colored sweater, and my tan and bright pink Sperry sandals.  I love these shoes but they are sling backs and those dang straps will not stay on my heels.  Man, I wonder how I can fix them since they are not adjustable.



Sorry for the blurry picture today.  I’m wearing my black skirt suit with a white tank and my new black Coach sandals.


I worked from home last Thursday so I could wait for the garage door installer.  I didn’t take a picture of me in my shorts and t-shirt!  ha ha ha



I’m wearing my white capris with a brown with white polka dot blouse and brown Sperry’s.  These capris really make me look dumpy with this shirt.  Good thing I can’t wear this again! 

OK, that’s it folks.  I’m all caught up!  I’ll try really hard not to get so behind again.


Sassy said...

LOVE!! you know how heavily influenced i am by these posts! i love you in COLOR! the yellows are my favorite, but pink and red on you is also gorgeous! i liked the red maxi dress, and didn't think it made you look pregnant! ha ha ha!!! i love your yellow/green heels! that might be my favorite pair of shoes you have!

BikerCandy said...

Sassy, you know those shoes are one of my favorite pairs too. I think my all-time faves are my pink Calvin Klein shoes, but those yellow Ann Taylor's a very close 2nd. You are always so gracious and I appreciate you so very much!