Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WWW #8

Hey, not bad now huh?  I’m giving you a twofer today!  2 posts in one day!!!!  Ha ha ha.  So we are to week 8 of my CHALLENGE to myself.  So, let’s get started.

Monday, I wore this:


I’m wearing my black pants, a red sleeveless blouse that flares at the waist and a black sweater.  I’m also wearing my red silver Brighton cross/heart jewelry and a headband with a big bow on it. 



This was probably my favorite outfit for the week.  I’m wearing my ivory pants, my favorite ivory ruffled blouse and a dark purple ruffled sweater that I belted with an ivory belt.  The shoes are a dark purple as well and the jewelry is my gold and ivory set from Premier jewelry (I love this set!)



I’m still not sure of this outfit and now that I see the picture I doubt I’ll wear it again…ever!  Well, maybe I’ll just wear it as a shirt instead of a dress.  Man, it looks short, doesn’t it?  Anyway, as you can see it’s a VERY short dress that I got from Avon.  I wore it with blue tights and my blue heels.  Yes, definitely it’s a shirt from now on!



I’m wearing my pink ruffled blouse with a pink long sleeve sweater and brown pants with my brown Sperry’s.  Totally cute and comfy! 

I don’t have an outfit for Friday because I worked Thursday until noon, went home, came back in at 6:00 pm and worked until Friday morning at 10:00…needless to say I spent the rest of the day Friday in my pajamas in bed asleep. 

OK…it’s official, it’s definitely withdrawals from shopping.  I can just hear the Mall calling my name!  How much longer can I last?  I need encouragement!


Sassy said...

stay strong! you don't need to shop..... unless it's at stamp club! then, i support your decision!! :)

i'm also laughing at the dress turning into a shirt! i've done that recently with some short dresses, and i LOVE them as shirts! LOL!!

Jessica said...

March 7th eh? I think you have a month worth of outfits that need to be blogged about. Just putting that out there!