Friday, December 3, 2010

Fashionista Friday - Black Friday Deals

I don't know about you but I was one of those crazy people out at 4:00 am on the Friday after Thanksgiving. I was at Target by 4:00 am. It was crazy I tell you, crazy! But, that is not the reason I'm writing today. Instead, I'm writing to share some of my favorite deals of the day. And, yes, these were all purchased for Moi! I can't help it...I'm addicted to fashion and shoes and I love a bargain, what can I say. So, here's some of my favorite goodies from my shopping fun that day.

First, we hit Penney's after Target because they had all their women's boots on sale for $29.99. Seriously? $29.99!!!!!! I would have bought more but I dressed in this really warm sweater that actually turned really hot inside and I was miserable in the shoe department sweating like a prostitute on payday! (my mom's saying, not mine!...well I guess it's mine now huh?) So, I only managed to get these 2 pairs before I just had enough and had to get out of there. The tall ones I got in brown and I'm kicking myself for not getting them in black too. My sister did get them in both. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid! I love these boots and they look great on. Not only that but they came in a "fuller calf" so that means it is not squeezing my calf like a sausage and I don't look like a fat cow trying to escape! Yippee!!!! The lower boots are super stylish. Not very comfortable but sometimes it's not about comfort, am I right?

My next shop for myself was Ann Taylor. They had everything in the store at 40% off. I've been coveting these shoes for some time but I just couldn't make myself pay $198 for them. I decided...screw it, I'm going for it. Then I was so pleasantly surprised because they rang up at $98 and then it was 40% off of that! The skirt here is divine! I fell in love with it and I can't seem to find it on the Ann Taylor website though except in this outfit picture. Apparently you can't buy it on their website, only in their stores I guess. Lastly the scarf I just had to get because it matched the skirt perfectly. The scarf is hard to see, for some reason Ann Taylor doesn't seem to like me copying their pictures. I don't get it, who knows I might actually inspire someone to go buy one for themselves so actually it's free advertising, right? I love this outfit and it can be worn to work or a fancy dinner or party too. Just by what you wear with it you can either dress it up or dress it down.

I love bargains!

Stay tuned for posts coming up this weekend. I'll be doing a post of my house decorated for Christmast entitled "Welcome to the House of Trees and Santa Claus" You won't want to miss it!

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Jessica said...

I love those short black boots and the leopard heels! Fabulous, I just wish we wore the same size shoes.