Monday, December 13, 2010

Make it Mondays - The Twelve Days of Christmas

So, I got this wonderful idea here for the Twelve Days of Christmas. I decided to take their idea and make it my own. I absolutely adore the free download tags though so I downloaded them, printed them and I'm using them for my tags too. I'll post the things I'm doing one per day so for one I don't spoil the surprise for my kids and two to keep you coming back for more! I'm tricky like that. I'm assuming you already guessed that I'm doing this for my kids. I've thought about doing something like this over the years in the past but this year I decided to just DO IT! I can't believe it either because my husband was totally on board with it and he loved the idea. Can you believe? Usually Hot Rod just rolls his eyes at all my "wonderful" ideas and shrugs his shoulders and says "whatever." This time though, there was no eye roll, no shrug, just a glimmer in his eye and he said "that's a great idea." I know! I almost fell over dead with a heart attack! ha ha ha

So, on to the 12 days of Christmas, Day 1. If you start today, you will end up giving one gift every day until Christmas day. I'm not doing expensive stuff at all. Each day is just something cute and personal to my kids. If anyone is reading this that I do not know (which I seriously, seriously doubt) my kids are grown and living on their own. They are both married and have their own houses. So, for day 1...

Remember these trees? Yep, these are the same ones I posted about before. I still LUV them! I made each of my daughters one to match their holiday decor. My oldest daughter decorates in silver and gold and my youngest daughter has the lime green and red theme. I love how these turned out and I think they will look great in their homes.

I will be posting each day after I present them to my kids so in case my kids happen to come by here I won't be ruining their surprise. Actually I may be ruining it for my youngest child. She doesn't live in our same town anymore so I had to send her gifts to her today. I sent the first 6 days worth to her. She will get them tomorrow but I told her to just try and look at day 1 and day 2 only and save the rest for the rest of the week. She'll be coming here on Sunday so I'll get to give the rest to her in person.
I really hope my kids have fun with this. I know I have. So, what about you? Is there someone out there you want to do the 12 Days of Christmas for? Just keep in mind, the stuff I'm doing is not expensive at all! Most of it I'm making myself so it's just a little of my time and I really think it will brighten my kids day each day from now until Christmas. Check out that link I posted at the beginning of this post. She has some pretty great ideas. I actually only used one of hers though. I made up the rest of them to fit me and my kids.
Have fun!


Emily {WhipperBerry} said...

Thank you for your comment, I loved all of your ideas. and I understand you not wanting to post ahead of time due to surprise blowing, but now that you have posted these fabulous trees i want to beg you to please link them up! They are fabulous! Absolutely beautiful, I tell you!

Wendy Walker Cushing said...

Too cute! I saw this on WHipperberry too!

Emily {WhipperBerry} said...

Just wanted to let you know we featured you today on WhipperBerry, so come by and grab a featured button!