Monday, February 20, 2012

WWW #6

We are at Week 6 of my “Never Repeating” goal for the year.  This POST explains what I’m doing in case you are scratching your head and wondering what is she talking about.  So, let’s move on to last week’s clothing choices.

First of all, there is no outfit for Monday.  I called in sick and never made it out of my jammies that day.  I decided to spare you all that not so wonderful treat to the eyes!  You are welcome!

Tuesday was Valentine’s Day so I wanted to dress up for the holiday.  I usually do wear something very sweet hearty to commemorate the holiday of love.  This year was no different. 


I wore my red skirt, my red turtleneck shell and an open crochet sweater.  I wore it with my scroll heart Brighton jewelry, red shoes, and my white thigh high hose.  I also put my hair up with a bumpit to give it a little more volume.  I really loved the outfit but the day turned to crap at work.  We had a power outage and I was running back and forth from the data center to a make-shift command center so the thigh high’s had to be ditched early on.  Oops.  Bare legs it was instead, but it still looked ok I think. 



I wore my gray pants and this gray printed tunic.  Very casual and comfy.  I wore them with my gray suede shoes and my fancy Brighton jewelry to give it some bling.



This was my favorite outfit for the week.  I wore my winter white slacks with a ruffled winter white shell, and my gold sparkly sweater.  I belted it with the winter white belt.  The shoes are a taupe and winter white heel…but the taupe actually took on a gold sheen when worn with this outfit.  I wore it with gold jewelry.



I’m wearing my black knit pants with this gray and turquoise pull-over sweater.  I wore a gray cami under the sweater.  The jewelry was a perfect match with bold chunky turquoise and black beads.  The shoes are my comfy black patent Sperry’s.

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Sassy said...

BEAUTIFUL! every day, as always! but, i think Thurs is my fave! :)