Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WWW #5

Yep, it’s another week and another WWW post.  If you are new, this POST will explain it all.  I thought I would take this week to give an update on my goals thus far as well as posting my pictures of last week’s outfits.  I’m actually really proud of myself, I went the entire month of January and managed to not spend ANY money at all with one exception.  I did buy the rug for the living room but other than that, I didn’t buy anything else all month and this month is looking just as good.  Now, when I say I didn’t spend any money we all know that is not exactly the truth.  I mean I had to buy gas for my car and food, but I didn’t buy any non-essentials for the entire month.  YAY!  So far so good.  My hubby told one of my daughters the other day “I don’t know if she’s just hiding it somehow or what but your mom hasn’t been spending ANY money.”  Man, that felt good to have him notice. 

So, let’s get back to last week’s outfits.  To start with on Monday, I wore this:


I’m wearing my black and gray dress fro New York & Co with my black shrug with it.  I wore black tights and my black buckle boots.  I figured out what I don’t wear those boots very often too.  They have buckles on the back of the cuff at the top of the boot and they are super uncomfortable when you try to cross your legs. 

Tuesday’s outfit:


My black long pants with black sleeveless turtleneck and my Calvin Klein jacket.  The jacket actually came with a skirt but I thought it looked good with the pants too.  The wide belt came with the jacket as well.  I’m wearing my black and silver Brighton jewelry with it.



This was my favorite outfit for the week and it may seem a little young for me but I still liked it and I felt cute and young.  I’m wearing my black on black polka dot dress from Target with my pink sweater with braided and beaded trim.  I also wore capri length leggings and my altogether wonderful pink Calvin Klein heels.  I wore my hair different as well.  I pulled my bangs up and pinned them back with bobby pins and put my hair in 2 low pony tails.  I wore my pink Brighton jewelry with it all.



Man, I didn’t realize how awful this picture looked until just now.  I swear I look about 9 months pregnant in this picture.  I sure hope I didn’t look like that in real life!  YUCK!  I’m wearing my black knit pants with my white blouse and hot pink velvet vest.  I’m also wearing my black patent Sperry’s.  I thought I looked cuter than this and I hope I did!



I’m wearing my comfy brown pants, a brown with white polka-dot shirt and my pink pull-over sweater.  Super comfy and casual.  I paired it with my brown Sperry loafers. 

Another week down!  Hope you had a good week.

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Sassy said...

another week of extreme cuteness! too bad the monday boots are uncomfortable.... but, no one said being beautiful was easy!