Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WWW #4

Wow, another week has just flown by!  Time is just zipping on past these days.  So, on to my next week of Weekend Wardrobe Wrap-Up!  In case you are wondering what this is about and you are new to my site.  This post will explain it all to you.  Last week was another busy one in my schedule, as it was for everyone I’m sure.  I’m having a difficult time dressing these days because 3 of the 5 days of the week I have to go to Physical Therapy right after work which is not a big deal but they do what is called “stem” on my at the end of my sessions where they put these electrode thingy’s on my shoulder and sent shocks to my shoulder.  It’s supposed to help with healing and pain and I actually like it.  Well, they have to be able to get to my shoulder to do that so I pretty much need to be wearing sleeveless things on the days I go to PT.  It makes getting dressed in the winter quite interesting!  LOL!

Anyway, here we go for last week’s wardrobe choices.  Monday, I wore this:


I’m wearing black pants,my cream jacket from Coldwater Creek, my black turtleneck shell, and a black, cream, and red scarf.  I also wore red heels and a red headband.  The jewelry is red as well.



I’m wearing my gray knit pants, a bright pink with grays and other colors tank and a matching bright pink sweater.  I’m also wearing my black patent Sperry’s and Brighton jewelry.



My red and black dress from White House/Black Market.  I LOVE this dress!  I bought it for my birthday party last year and I love it whenever I wear it.  I wore it with a wide black belt, black tights, and my black shoes also from White House/Black Market.  The jewelry is from Brighton.



Brown pants, a brown tank, and my khaki sweater belted with a skinny brown belt.  I wore those brown Ralph Lauren shoes my co-worker gave me and my brown Brighton jewelry.  This was my favorite outfit for the week.

Friday was definitely a casual day for me.  I was tired and just didn’t care!


I’m wearing my black knit pants, my black turtleneck shell and my cream, black, and green Harley Davidson sweater.  I’m also wearing my black glitter Toms and my black Brighton jewelry.

Another week down, not a single repeat yet! 

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Sassy said...

oh gosh! LOVE that dress! but, the browns are also so pretty!