Wednesday, January 2, 2013

WWW Summary and Happy New Year 2013!!!!

Well, here it is…2013!!!!  Happy New Year!!!! It’s time for my WWW summary.  So, let’s step back in time shall we?  Back in 2012 I made my resolutions public here on the old blog.  If you want to read the entire post, it is HERE.  OK, so I did pretty awful at my goals, I have to admit.  I think I failed miserably on all of them but 2 and on 1 of those I didn’t completely accomplish it.  So, let’s go over them one at a time:

1.  Do not spend any money on myself for the entire year.  Um…yeah…that SOOOOOO didn’t happen!  I’m not sure at this point but I’m guessing I didn’t even cut down.  Needless to say, I am modifying that goal this year and revising it to fit what I can actually accomplish.  My goal this year…

Do not overspend my budget each month.  I have set aside a set dollar amount for each month which I can spend on whatever I want.  I will NOT go over that amount!

2.  Post all of my outfits and do not wear the same thing twice for the entire year.  I actually did pretty well at this.  I think throughout the entire year I missed taking a picture only 3 times.  Not only that but on looking back through all of my outfit pictures throughout the year I’m finding I only duplicated the exact same outfit 3 times.  Not bad I think.  Are you wondering what those outfits are?  Well, here you go:

I wore this outfit on April 20, 2012


And then again on August 6, 2012


Yep…same exact outfit!

Next, I wore this outfit on May 16, 2012


And, then again on July 10, 2012


Same exact outfit!  Are you seeing a trend here?  Apparently I really like my maxi dresses.  Maybe I like wearing pajamas to work!  Well, the last of the duplicates changes that. 

I wore this outfit on April 30, 2012


And then again on July 16, 2012


I actually can’t tell if I wore the exact same shoes, but close enough…it’s the same outfit.

So, although I didn’t really accomplish this goal 100%, I’m still going to say I was successful.  Three duplicates over the course of a year is something to be proud of and I am actually.

3.  Redecorate the guest room to create a truly inviting space that welcomes guests in our home.

Total and absolute failure on this one.  I haven’t even started it!

4.  Clean and reorganize my scrapbook room.

SUCCESS!!!!!  I actually did accomplish this one this year!  YAY me!

5.  Clean out the laundry room – organize.

Again, total failure…not even started.

6.  Redecorate/redesign the gameroom/bar.

Well, I’m not going on record to say this was a total failure because it actually wasn’t.  We have started this project…we just haven’t gotten very far in it.  However, it is slated to be our first project this year.

7.  Redecorate the living room.

Nope, nada…nothing.

Man, this post is really making me feel like a total failure!  But, I am not going to stay that way.  As it is with most people, the New Year gives me hope for a new outlook and a fresh new perspective on things.  So, my goals for this year….

1.  Lose weight!  I didn’t even have this as a goal last year, but the time has come.  My clothes are starting to be tight and look like crap.  It’s past time I do something about it.  I want to lose 30 pounds by the end of the year.  That is only like 7 pounds per quarter, or only about 2.3 pounds a month.  Totally doable!

2.  Stay in my budget!  As I mentioned before, I have set myself a budget for expenditures and I intend to stick to it!

3.  Finish the bar!  We are going to get this room completed…NO MATTER WHAT!

4.  Redecorate the spare bedroom!  I really hope to get to this room this year.

5.  Paint and decorate the living room/dining room.  I want to at least scrape the popcorn off the ceiling and repaint.  I’ll be happy if that is all I accomplish this year.

6.  Clean out the laundry room and store room…ORGANIZE my stuff!!!!  I have so many “mini projects” from my thrifting and estate sales!  I intend to get both of these rooms organized so I can see what I have and what I need to get done.

7.  Continue my quest to come up with new outfits from existing clothes!  I have decided that I am not going to purposely try to not wear the same thing twice because some of the outfits I put together last year I absolutely loved and I actually regretted my goal and wanted to wear some of them more than once but I refrained.  I want to really work at putting together new and interesting combinations but if I put together something that I actually love, I will wear it as many times as I want with no guilt.

So, now I have a dilemma.  Should I continue to blog about my outfits like I did last year?  I’m kind of bored with it and I’m beginning to think that my very few readers probably are sick to death of my disgusting image.  So, I’ll leave it to you my faithful two readers!  (ha ha ha)  Do you want me to keep up with the outfit posts or just every now and then post something I think is super cute?

Have you made your goals for the New Year?  Please share with me!  Let’s help each other keep motivated and accountable.  In order to do a better job this year with my goals I will be revisiting them each quarter.  That way I will see if I’ve done anything at all and I will know before the next New Year if I need to get off that couch and get in gear!  So, after every quarter of the year I will post an Update on Goals post.  Wish me luck!

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