Thursday, January 24, 2013


I’m starting yet another thing here on Eat Dress Live.  This one is called “Thrifty Thursday”.  The posts in this series will highlight something thrifty I’ve either bought or made lately.  I know right up front I won’t be able to do this every week but hopefully I’ll get one posted at least once a month and perhaps even more.

So, this week’s “Thrifty Thursday” I want to feature some of my latest Estate Sale finds.  My first find just oozes school girl charm.  Check out this beauty:


The picture is a little dark but hopefully you can see it.  The skirt is a really pretty blue and green wool plaid.  I got this skirt at an Estate Sale back in November for a whole ONE DOLLAR!  The skirt was much longer than this and quite a bit bigger.  I asked my sister to help me alter it and so she put a couple of pleats in the front to take it in.  We didn’t want to take it in on the sides because it has pockets and I didn’t want to ruin the pockets.  After hemming it up quite a bit, I now have a “brand new” skirt.  I paired it with the sweater I’ve had for awhile.  It is a navy Polo sweater with a green polo on it.  It matches perfectly!  I love it.  The beads also matched perfectly and just put that extra touch on the outfit.  Total cost of the skirt is $11.00.  I could have saved the $10 to do it by myself and I probably will in the future.

Next up, I found a charming new item for my shelves at work.  Check out this lovely little picture…


This is a small painting in a gold frame.  I got this at an estate sale last week for…wait for it…50 CENTS!!!!!  I just loved it.  Check it out in my bookshelf at work, It works great for a small accent piece in my shelves!  I have been looking for something to put in the shelves and came across the painting and could not believe my luck that it was only 50 cents!  Can you believe it?


So, that’s just 2 of my latest thrift shop finds.  What have you found lately?  There is a huge estate sale this coming weekend in a small town close by and I can’t wait to see it.  The sale includes the ladies antique store that has been shut up for 20 years and it’s stuffed full of stuff.  The pictures online look amazing.  I just hope it’s not too expensive and I can score some great stuff at reasonable prices.  Stay tuned, I’ll be sure and share what I get.

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