Thursday, January 31, 2013

Macklemore’s Thrift Shop Challenge

For this week’s episode of Thrifty Thursday I’m taking part in a very cute and EXTREMELY fun challenge I found on one of the new blogs I’ve started following.  If you have not heard of Macklemore’s Thrift Shop song, you really need to take a listenpoo to it.  It is very much not for the faint of heart, so if you are easily offended by salty language, just take my word for it and google the clean version to hear it.  I can’t seem to find a link that will work to post the clean version here.  Sorry!
Warning, strong language contained in this video!
OK, so I saw this video awhile ago and just loved it and then the wonderful blog of Young House Love posted THIS CHALLENGE.  I decided I just couldn’t pass it up.  If you are wanting a short version of the challenge, they challenged us to take $20 to a thrift shop and see what we can find.  BUT, (here’s the fun part) while there to go on a scavenger hunt for the items that are mentioned in the song.  A run down of the items are:
  • Clothing with fringe
  • An All Pink Outfit
  • Moccasins
  • A Velour jumpsuit
  • House Slippers
  • A Brown leather jacket
  • A Keyboard
  • A Kneeboard
  • Shoes with Velcro
  • Luggage
  • A Plaid Button-up shirt
  • Flannel Zebra Jammies
  • PJ’s with built in socks
  • A telescope
  • and of course…a Big A$$ Coat
So, here goes…
First of all, I had my $20 and I went to my favorite Thrift shop in town, the Salvation Army Family Store:
Oh, I want to go ahead and thank my lovely daughter Jess for going with me this day.  She was my official photographer and I really appreciate her help.  She also found a couple of the items for me…first off, she found the very first item, the item with fringe:
Let’s take a closer look at that fringe, shall we?
Now that is some serious fringeage!  Ha ha ha
Next up, an all pink outfit.  Actually, the dress with the fringe would qualify for this as well so I think I should get extra points for that, but I also found another all pink numba!  Oooo…am I stylin’ or what?
Next item, moccasins.  I was starting to worry that I was not going to find these and Jess came through again and found this one.  We couldn’t find it’s poor mate which is a shame actually because I really liked it and would have seriously considered buying them.  Oh well, one moccasin is better than none for the challenge though.
Next, a velour jumpsuit.  I interpreted this one a little loosely and went with a velour tracksuit.  Oh yeah baby…I would fit right in at the retirement community just down the street!
OK, what’s next?  House slippers!  These puppies are so strange they are funny!  Let’s just say I’m glad I was wearing tights to protect my poor skin from whatever cooties might have been living in these things!
Next, a brown leather jacket.  Once again, Jess to the rescue.  She found this one.  I actually LOVED this jacket, but alas it was too small for me.  But, it fit the qualifiers for the scavenger hunt, it is brown, it is leather, and it is a jacket!
Next up, a keyboard.  Ok, in the song he is referring to a musical keyboard, but hey, a keyboard is a keyboard right?  As an IT professional, I couldn’t pass up this baby!
OK, this next one takes a HUGE stretch of imagination.  It says a KNEEBOARD, well I couldn’t find any such thing at the Thrift Shop, so I decided that a ski could be a kneeboard if you fell down on your knees while skiing, right?  So, I’m counting this…come on give me a little break mkay?
Next, shoes with velcro.  This was an easy one.  They had tons to choose from…all of which had seen better days I might add.
Next up, luggage.  Also had tons of these so I picked the most interesting looking to snap my pic with.  Don’t I look like I’m about to catch a train, plane, or automobile?
OK, next up, a plaid button up shirt.  This was another easy one.  Tons of these to choose from.
OK, next one, Flannel Zebra Jammies.  On this one I did have to use a little imagination.  I mean, I couldn’t find some Zebra ones, but I found these and several of the kitties have zebra stripes on them so I decided it counts. 
Next up, PJ’s with built-in socks.  I think originally they wanted us to find some in an adult size but I went with what I could find, which is some baby ones.  Hey, they fit the qualifier though, they are PJ’s and they do have footies!  So there!
Now, as I’m typing this I just realized I missed one item, I didn’t get a telescope.  I feel sure there wasn’t one but I also just plain forgot to look for something that might pass as one.  Dang it!  So, wah wah wah…no telescope for me.  Sad smile
Lastly though, I did manage to get the last item, a Big A$$ Coat! I’m definitely Big Pimpin’ in it too huh?
So, there are all my scavenger hunt finds.  Now as to how I spent my $20, for that you’re going to have to come back for part 2 of this post.  I have a couple of re-makes to do with some of them and I want to complete those before I show off what I got.  In the meantime though, here is a sneak peak with me and my spoils from the day:
All that stuff for $20!  Come back to see what all I scored! 
I want to say a big thank you to the folks at YOUNG HOUSE LOVE for hosting this very fun challenge.  I had a great time and really enjoyed myself!  Thanks muchly!

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