Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Letters

So, it’s time for another edition of Friday Letters.

Here goes:

Dear Dr. Phil, while some people may hate you and some people swear by you, myself I’ve kind of been pretty much “eh, whatever” towards you.  After this week though, you may be my new best friend.  The jury is still out but so far, you are rocking my world!  After much debate with myself and a lot of soul searching, and perhaps a little too tight clothes, I’ve decided it’s time to do something about it and lose some of this horrible weight!  I asked a really good friend and coworker of mine how she did it.  She and her husband lost quite a bit of weight in the past.  The cool thing was they lost it in 2006 and now 7 years later they still are amazing looking and they have kept the weight off!  She said she bought this book by Dr. Phil and did it.  So, she brought me the book, I looked it over, decided it looked pretty easy and decided to try it.  I bought myself my own copy of the book and Hot Rod and I are officially on our first diet together.  It has been an alright week even.  I haven’t been starving to death or anything.  I admit, I’m missing my beer but I don’t have to miss it forever.  I am being very strict for the first 14 days like the book says but then I’ll be able to drink occasionally again.  In the meantime though, I’ve been full, I’ve been feeling good, I’ve been walking on the treadmill and I feel good about myself.  So, Dr. Phil, thank you!


Dear Blogging Friends, I found a few new blogging “Friends” this week and got some more inspiration on outfits, projects, decorating, etc.  I just want to say thank you!  A few of the pretties that I’ve been inspired by this week include:


This is Jenny In Jacquard.  I LOVE her blog!  Check her out HERE!

Next up:


Penny at Penny’s Vintage Home inspired me with some very romantic vintagey (is that a word because Live Writer is saying it’s not, but I think it should be!) décor!  I love her Valentines Day wreath and I want to duplicate it.  Check her out HERE!

I still love all my blogs I follow but I am always on the lookout for someone new and I found these 2 lovely ladies this week and wanted to share.  One is fashion, the other is décor.  You just can’t go wrong with them!

Lastly I want to say…

Dear Hot Rod, thank you baby for being my man!  I know this week has been a little hard for us starting a new weight loss plan and working on getting ourselves in better shape.  I really appreciate you doing this with me.  Probably more than I can ever say!  Thanks baby!


Now, the not so nice one!

Dear Hormones, you SUCK!  I know I’m trying a different method of delivering your goodness, but REALLY?  One minute I’m burning up and sweat is pouring off of my face.  The next minute I’m freezing to death.  Come on, give a girl a break?  I’m already giving up bread, candy, ice cream, BEER!!!!, and anything else you can think of that sounds delicious and yummy…do you have to make me sweat through it too?  I HATE you!  I want my pills back, thank you very much!


Dear Person in the Left Lane…EVERY MORNING THIS WEEK, move the EFF on over!  All those cars stacked up behind you are not your friends, this is not a funeral procession…oh wait, it just might be if you keep it up!  MOVE OVER!!!!!


This post has been brought to you by a slightly hormonal imbalanced, slightly hungry individual!  Thank you very much!

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PrissE said...

So, I am SO proud for you two and inspired by you! I've started working on my own "heavy issues" as NONE of my winter (or any other season for that matter) dress pants don't fit. It. Is. Time.

Also, I am of the same school of thought that the left lane in traffic has a speed limit of infinity...SO MOVE THE HELL OVER!

Can't wait to see your progress, ideas, and inspirations!