Friday, June 15, 2012

WWW #22

Another week…



This is another purchase from my Outlet mall shopping.  I got this dress at the White House/Black Market outlet.  I love it!  I wore it with my black heels that unfortunately I paid full price for at the regular White House/Black Market store and they were there at the outlet when we were there for over half off.  Damn it!  I hate when that happens!


I worked from home on Tuesday, so no outfit for today.



I’m wearing a blue silky top I got at New York and Company a long time ago and actually forgot I had.  See what doing this wearing something different does for you?  You discover things in your closet you totally forgot about!  I am wearing it with my khaki capris and these blue sandals with flowers on them that I got from Avon. 



I’m wearing my khaki shirt with that white blouse I got at the New York and Company outlet.  I put a wide black belt on it and then wore those new shoes I got at the White House/Black Market outlet along with the jewelry that matches it and the matching purse.  This was my favorite outfit for the week for sure!  I love these shoes and they are so comfortable too!



I’m wearing my navy capris with an ivory silk ruffled shirt.  I belted it with my gold chain belt and then wore gold sandals. 

Whew!  That catches me up through last week.  I promise to do a better job keeping up…I promise promise promise!

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