Friday, June 15, 2012

WWW #18

The posts for this week are very few.  This week was the hardest week of my entire life.  My father passed away on Wednesday of this week so even though I have a few outfits to share the rest of the week was spent with my family.



While we were in Austin I went to the Outlet mall in San Marcos and broke down and bought some new clothes and shoes.  I had a great time and and got some fantastic things!  This entire outfit is new.  The capris are navy and they are from Ann Taylor.  The shoes are Brighton (and I got 2 pair of new Brighton sandals for $90!!!).  The shirt is from Ann Taylor and the sweater is from the Ann Taylor Loft.  Man, I love Outlet shopping!



A few more new things…you can’t seem that well but the shoes are super cute and new from the White House/Black Market outlet.  The sweater is not new, nor are the pants, but the shirt under the sweater is another tank from Ann Taylor.  The jewelry all matches the shoes and they are from the White House store as well.   There is also a matching purse to it all too.  Super cute!



I’m wearing my black pants, a turquoise and black silk blouse with my black shrug.  I’m also wearing my black Sperry’s.

That’s it for this week.  I got the call on Wednesday about 10:00 telling me my Daddy had died. 

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