Friday, June 15, 2012

WWW #19

I went back to work on Wednesday of the next week after my Dad died.  It was kind of a relief to go back to work and get back to a routine of sorts.  Things are still not good and my mom is having a very hard time with this.  I just wish I could help her more and I don’t know how.  53 years is a very long time to spend with someone to just have them be gone all of the sudden.  It sucks!

But, back to work I did go, so let’s move on to the clothes. 



This is another purchase from the outlet mall.  This is a long maxi dress I got at Ann Taylor Loft.   It is navy with tan and white flowers.  I paired it with the new tan shoes from the Brighton Outlet, my white ruffled sweater and my tan Brighton belt.  Turns out my belt matches my shoes exactly!  I already had the belt.



These are another pair of new blue capris.  The blouse is also new.  I got it at the New York and Company outlet.  I paired them with my cheapo blue sandals I got at Wal-mart of all places a long time ago.



These are my gray capris with a black tank and black shrug.  The shoes are super cute black and gray with gems on them.  I’ve had them awhile. 

That’s it for this week. 

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