Monday, January 23, 2012

WWW #2

Sorry this is a tad bit late, but like they say better late than pregnant right?  ha ha ha

If you are new to this, this post will explain it all to you.  So, without further delay, here we go with week number 2.  First up…Monday…


I’m wearing my reddish/brown shorter slacks, with the cream colored cami from American Eagle with my cream colored jacket from Coldwater Creek.  I’m also wearing my brown Sperry loafers along with the white and gold jewelry from Premier.  A very comfy outfit!

Tuesday, I decided to dress up a little…or rather a lot!


The skirt is a brocade skirt from Ann Taylor I got last year.  I’ve paired it with a nice crisp white blouse and a metallic sheen scarf.  The boots are new, also from Ann Taylor and I’m wearing them with white tights.  The jewelry is a pretty gray and pearl set from Avon.

Wednesday I decided to wear something a little shorter since I don’t have physical therapy on Wednesdays.


This is my navy blue suit from Dillards.  I’ve paired it with my cream colored ruffled sleeveless blouse, navy tights, and my navy suede heels.  I’m also wearing my pearls with it.

Thursday, it was back to comfort…


I’m wearing my black corduroy skinny jeans with black knee high boots.  The blouse is from Ralph Lauren and I’m wearing a simple white tank top under it.  I’ve jazzed it up with red accessories: a red belt, red jewelry, and a red headband.

Woo Hoo!  It’s Friday again! 


I’m going for comfort again today.  I’m wearing my charcoal knit pants with a gold and gray blouse and matching gold sweater.  The jewelry is from Brighton and the shoes are my patent black Sperry loafers.  I’ve also straightened my hair today!  (Can you tell?)  Now that was a challenge I tell you!  Have you ever tried to straighten hair as long and as thick as mine with only one hand? 

OK, so 2 weeks down, not a repeat yet!  Only 50 more weeks to go! 

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Sassy said...

you need more yellow/mustard/gold things.... love you in that color!