Saturday, January 14, 2012

WWW #1

My first Weekend Wardrobe Wrap-up  (aka WWW) post is here as promised.  So far so good on my promise.  So, let’s go ahead and get started.  My first day back to work after my shoulder surgery was Monday.  I wanted to dress nice for a change. 


I’m wearing a new dress I just bought on the sale after Christmas at New York and Company.  This dress was only $20.  I wore it along with a black shrug, a wide black belt, black tights, and my high heeled black boots.  I wore black and silver Brighton jewelry along with it. 

Tuesday’s outfit was a little warmer because it turned cold on Monday night.


I’m wearing a long tunic that is a base of cream with a bunch of other colors.  I’m wearing it with my brown corduroy skinny jeans, my brown flat boots, and a mesh and sequin vest.   I wore it with my Tiffany’s silver heart necklace and bracelet. 

Wednesday’s outfit was a little dressier with higher heels.


I’m wearing my navy blue suit that I got at Ann Taylor.  The blouse is a coral sleeveless shell I bought on sale at New York and Company after Christmas.  You can’t see them here (bummer) but I’m wearing nude pumps with the outfit.  The jewelry is gold and bling with lots of large cubic zirconias and pearls.  I also have a gold headband in my hair.

Thursday I went for comfort again, it was really cold on Thursday morning (like 19 degrees!) which meant I really needed to figure out how to wear a coat with my sling.  And, yes I know you don’t see my sling in any of these pictures.  I wanted to take my pictures without the sling on but I promise I have been putting it on after taking these pictures every morning!


I’m wearing my heather gray pants with a gray, pink, and orange sweater with a gray turtleneck shell underneath.  I’m also wearing my gray suede shoes.  The necklace I’m wearing is a clear locket that I made several inserts to go inside.  It has a pink and orange insert in it.  In addition to that I’m wearing other silver jewelry and my hair is in a clippy (well, spell check doesn’t like that word but that’s what I call them!  ha ha ha)

Yippee Skippy!  It’s finally Friday and I’ve made it through the entire week on my first week back to work after surgery.  I have to admit, I was tired and worn out but I’m proud of myself for making it through the week.  I went for comfort again on Friday.


I’m wearing black knit pants that I bought at the big sale at New York and Company after Christmas.  (They were only $11!!!!  SWEET!)  The purple sweater was my Christmas present from my mom.  I’m also wearing my black patent leather Sperry flats.  The jewelry for the day is a long Brighton heart necklace with matching bracelet and earrings.  I wore my hair a little different as well by pinning my bangs back.

So, one week down!  Like I said this first post is pretty boring and probably they will be for awhile but soon it is going to be a challenge to wear something different each day.  Stay tuned!!!!


inspired30 said...

love this!! can't wait for week 2! glad your shoulder is healing!

Sassy said...

glass locket?..... um, stampin' up awesomeness!!! :)