Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Whew...finally done!

I know I haven't been a good blogger lately but I've been so busy trying to finish Jessica's wedding scrapbook and basically that is all I have done in every spare moment I've had for the last 2 weeks. But, alas, it is FINISHED! I handed it over to her on Saturday even. Brandi, Sidney, and myself drove to Amarillo on Saturday to spend the day with Jessica and I was actually able to finally give her the album. It's only almost a year late! It was supposed to be the gift for their first anniversary. I was being so clever (or so I imagined) by giving a scrapbook album for the first anniversary because the traditional gift for the first anniversary is paper, thus a paper scrapbook album. But, anyway, it is done and finished and I'm super proud of it. I'm kind of tired of brown and yellow now (they were her wedding colors) but the album turned out amazing and I think they really loved it. Here are a few pictures of some of my favorite pages from the album.

This is the cover of the book. I just bought the book like it is and inserted the yellow tag with their last name and the year of the wedding.

This is the very first page. I love this picture and it gives you an idea of what the album is about, their love story.

This is one of the last pages, with pictures from the video they showed at the reception. I just loved this layout and it was a total copy from a magazine. I'm often asked how to come up with all these great layouts and ideas. The answer is simple...I copy them! There are so many great layouts out there on the web and in magazines and catalogs, I copy quite a bit. Why re-invent the wheel when someone else has already designed a super fantastic uber cool one?

And this is another of my favorite pictures. This picture is actually the same one I had blown up for a big canvas that hangs in my living room. Her eyes are really that blue! Isn't my baby the most beautiful thing you have ever seen? Well, she's kind of tied with my other daughter and now my grandbaby, but they are all drop dead gorgeous!

So, now that the album is done I can move on to all these great projects I have planned. How about a little sneaky poo at my next project? Wanna see?

This is my gallery wall in the making. I'm redecorating my entry room. Not really a total redo, just redoing everything on the walls. Here I'm planning out the gallery wall putting the frames in the order I want them on the wall. I have several to paint at this point first and then hang them up.

To be continued....

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Anonymous said...

CONGRATS on getting the album finished! looks wonderful and what a treasure for your daughter!

love the next project!! can't wait to see how it turns out! have fun!