Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What would you do?

I’m trying to decide what to do with one of my recent Estate Sale purchases, namely this little beauty:


I absolutely adore the lines and style of this table, but I just can’t decide if I want to paint it or leave it alone as is.  I’m not sure you can tell from the picture (lighting was horrible and I apologize for that) but it is a goldish yellow color.  It really doesn’t match anything in my home right now.  However I’m seriously considering some color schemes for my future guest room re-do that actually do have this color.  Here they are:

Or this one:

Or perhaps this one:

(the colors don’t look quite right on the page right now but I’m hoping when I publish this post they will come out right…basically they all have the same goldish yellow hue in the pallet).

So, what say you?  What is your vote?  Do I paint it and use it elsewhere in the house or just save it like it is and use it in the guest room when I redo that room?  Please tell me what you think!  I’m very indecisive on this one…

1 comment:

Brandi Natividad said...

I like color palette number 2. Don't paint it until you decide for sure what you are going to do.