Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh NO she di'int!

Oh yes, she did! I just made the worst DIY mistake in the history of DIY'ers! I kid you not! I'm almost embarrassed to admit my horrible faux pas, but in the interest of helping others by exposing my own mistakes, I've decided to confess my sins to you, my readers.

Hot Rod and I are in the process of remodeling our hall bathroom. Now that the master bath is done, we have decided to move on to fix and remodel the hall bath. The tile was literally falling off the wall in the bathtub. Well, yesterday Hot Rod and our son-in-law A-Man started the demolition. They actually removed the entire tile surround on the tub along with the glass brick wall that was on the far end of the tub.

So, guess what I didn't do? If you guessed take a before picture then DING, DING, win! Yep, I totally forgot to take our before pictures. So, now when we finish the bathroom and have this wonderful brand spanking new tub and surround no one is going to know how truly awful it was to start with.

*Slapping forehead*

How can I be such a dum-dum? Ugh!

Unfortunately I can't even post a picture now because I STILL haven't taken a single picture. I plan to remedy that tonight and pronto, but I'm so disappointed in myself.


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