Saturday, December 29, 2012

WWW #45

Still doing some catch-up…

Monday (November 19)


Loved this outfit!

Pants:  Target, August 2012

Sweater:  Target, 2010

Blouse:  Cold Water Creek, 2011

Belt:  Came with a dress I think in 2010????

Jewelry:  Necklace:  Avon!!!!  Isn’t it beautiful?, misc bracelets

Shoes:  DFW, September 2012



Pants:  Old Navy, very old

Blouse:  Polo Outlet, 2010

Sweater:  Macy’s, 2010

Shoes:  Calvin Klein, via, 2011

Belt:  Not sure, very old

Jewelry:  Brighton mostly



Pants:  New York and Company, 2011

Blouse:  Avon, August 2012

Sweater:  Target, October 2012

Shoes:  Sperry, outlet, 2010

Jewelry:  Brighton and other misc.

This was the week of Thanksgiving so no pictures for Thursday or Friday.  I always take Thursday and Friday off.  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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