Saturday, December 29, 2012

WWW #44

OK, I solved the mystery of why I don’t have photos for the week of November 5.  Actually I don’t have pictures from November 1 – November 10.  The deal is we had a huge go-live at work and we all had to work the floors those days.  We all had to wear a t-shirt they gave us so I didn’t bother to take photos those days.  I just wore the same t-shirt every day that week with a different pair of pants.  Whew…mystery solved!  That’s what I get for waiting for so long to post!

Monday (November 12)


Sweater:  Kohls, 2011

Skirt:  Ann Taylor, 2011

Blouse:  Cold Water Creek, 2011

Boots:  JC Penney, Black Friday 2011



Pants:  Target, August 2012

Sweater:  Target, 2011

Turtle Neck:  Ann Taylor Outlet, 2010

Jacket:  Cold Water Creek Outlet, 2010

Boots: DFW, 2010

Jewelry:  Avon



Pants:  Target, September 2012

Shirt:  Avon, October 2012

Shoes:  Avon, October 2012

Jacket:  Old Navy, September 2012

Belt:  Target, October 2012

Jewelry:  Estate Sale necklace, misc bracelets



Pants:  Target, September 2012

Boots:  Target, August 2012

Boot Socks:  Very Jane (online), August 2012

Sweater:  Loft, August 2012



I really liked this color combo!

Pants:  Target, September 2012

Blouse:  Ann Taylor, old

Shoes:  Target, October 2012

Jewelry:  necklace from Loft, Broche from Avon, misc bracelets

I think Monday’s was my favorite outfit for this week.  I just loved the mustard yellow cardigan with the black and white skirt. 

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