Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WWW #7

Wow, first of all I’m just sorry it’s taken me awhile to get these posts done.  I really have no excuse…yet again!  I’m just a slacker, what can I say.  If you are new, this POST explains this.  So, without further adieu, let’s get down to week number 7.

Monday, I wore this:


I’m wearing my khaki skirt, a navy sleeveless blouse and my multi-colored jacket from Coldwater Creek.  I’m also wearing brown boots and tights.  The thing about this day that is so different than others is I curled my hair…can you tell?  I actually slept in rollers to do it.  It’s the only way my hair will hold a curl that it didn’t make on it’s own that is!  ha ha ha.  I really did like it but sleeping on those things is torture!

Tuesday, I wore this:


I’m wearing my gray slacks, a burgundy shirt, a scarf that pulls all the colors together, a gray sweater and my burgundy shoes.  I had to take this picture in my room because it was time for me to take the picture and go and Hot Rod was in the bathroom at the time naked.  I decided to keep this blog G Rated.  Your welcome!

Wednesday, I wore this:


I’m wearing my black silk dress from Ann Taylor along with a cute pinkish sweater from Target that I belted with a skinny black belt.  Tights and black boots were the footwear of choice for the day.  I really liked this outfit.

Thursday, I wore this:


I’m wearing my brown pants, a white shirt and my denim with tweed trim jacket.  I wore my brown Sperry loafers for the shoes.  Pretty casual.



We just got our new United Way shirts (we get a free shirt if we contribute 30 minutes of time each pay check to United Way every year) on Thursday so I decided to take it casual again and wear the shirt with just black pants and my black Sperry’s.

I think I’m going through withdrawals from no shopping but I’ve made it almost a full 2 months without doing any shopping…AT ALL! 

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Sassy said...

i LOVE thursday!! that jean jacket is super cute!