Thursday, June 9, 2011

What can we do?

So, here is yet another interruption in my Entry-Room Re-Do posts.  But, I need help!  I’m really hoping someone out there will happen upon this post and have the perfect solution for us. 

Now for the story…

We recently renovated the room off of our bedroom and make a master bathroom and closet.  In doing so, we had to put another septic system in our front yard for the new bathroom.  They had to tear out our existing (really crappy anyway) front patio.  So, we have been looking to redo the entire thing.  We have water issues to deal with because our house sits so low.  Our front door is equal to the ground level, so we can’t have a raised porch at all, so we needed the porch to slant towards the yard.  Well, we looked and looked and finally came up with what we wanted.  Then we got some bids on it.  We picked the guy to do it who assured us it was no big deal.  The bid was $3100.  For that price we were getting a front porch, a walkway to the driveway from the porch, and a concrete footer the length of the house to frame a flower bed.  We wanted the concrete colored and patterned.

We picked our pattern (a cobblestone pattern) and then we picked our color (a reddish brick color with dark gray grout lines) and then we saw that we could also have a design in it so we wanted the state of Texas in the walkway right before you get to the porch. 

The guys came and did the work.  Unfortunately for us, when they were actually pouring the concrete and doing the pattern work we weren’t there.  UGH!  This is what the Texas looks like:


It is AWFUL!  They put the cobblestone pattern throughout the Texas but have it rough and not done right next to it.  They also somehow incorporated part of New Mexico into Texas!  It is so bad!

We asked the guy to come out and talk to us and he refused.  He knew it was a subpar job.  We ended up paying him $2000 total and calling it done at that.  But, now we have this mess!  How can we fix this?

I was thinking if we could somehow ground out just the Texas part and then fill it with thinkset or something to make it smooth then it would probably look ok.  I can live with the 6 footprints (yes 6 freaking footprints in the patio!) but the Texas I just can’t live with.  Our only other option that I can see is to tear it completely all out and start over.  Since we already paid so much I’m hoping that isn’t the answer. 

Needless to say I will tell every single person I know to not use this guy for any work.  Steve Hunesto is his name by the way!  Stay far far away from him!!!!!!

So, anyone have some expert concrete knowledge they can share?  How can we fix this?

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