Thursday, June 30, 2011

Problems with Comments

So, I've been hearing that people can't leave comments on my blog. Boo Hoo Hiss Hiss! I LOVE comments. I've decided to try something new and have a pop-up box come up to see if that helps. I really can't figure out why it doesn't work but I was able to leave a comment after changing to the pop-up box. Please let me know if comments work for you now. I'm afraid the problem may have started when I switched to Window's Live Writer to write my posts. Let's hope this is the fix I need.

Stay tuned, I have a couple of new posts coming soon. I promise!!!! My entry is almost complete and it is stunning, even if I do say so myself! ha ha ha


BikerCandy said...

This is a test of comments!

PBS said...

Wow, your blog looks so very nice! I haven't been to see you in a long, long while. Glad to find that you are still around!