Thursday, November 18, 2010

Trash to Treasure Thursday - Our Closet and Bathroom Makeover

For those that may not know me and have just happened upon this site (far fetched I know but hey I can dream can't I?) I live in a very old house. We moved into this house in 1989. Since that time we have been fixing and remodeling the entire house. I have plenty of pictures of what we like to refer to as "The Big Renovation of 1996" but all of those pictures are pre-digital days and I just haven't taken the time to scan them to share. But, I thought I would share our latest project. Our Master Bathroom and Closet.

So to set the I said we live in a very old house. The original house was built in the early 50's I believe. It was a typical farm house, 2 bedrooms, one bathroom, a living room, and a kitchen. Sometime in the 60's I think they added on to the house and added a room in front of the living room. After that, they added on again and added a very large extension. I'm not sure how the original owners used the rooms but for us the original living room is now our master bedroom. The room next to that has been serving as our closet since about 1991 or so. The room itself used to have the front door to the house and windows in it. Those were boarded up when the large extension went in. It's hard to explain so I hope you can get the idea from my explanation.
Anyway, the room next to our master bedroom is just basically a blank empty room. I had put up rods all around the room for our clothes. The windows of the original outside of the house were boarded up as was the door. Outside that wall is now the entry room to the house. We did add the octogon windows.
So, I hope you noticed in the original description of the house that I said the house had one bathroom. Yep, that's right...3700 square feet and ONE bathroom. However horrible that may sound the good news was that one bathroom is HUGE and we just learned to deal with it. With 2 daughters and myself we all had vanity's in our rooms. All make-up and hair was done in your rooms. The bathroom was for "necessity" usage only. But, it was time to do something about of our master bedroom. We had always envisioned it to be a master bathroom and closet. Well this year that vision became reality! I'm completely happy with the transformation so I thought I would share. I hope you can realize that you can take a really trashy space and transform it into something beautiful. Behold...

This is the room pre-makeover. Actually, this picture below was taken after I had taken down one set of the rods. I had taken it down and then snapped...oh yeah...get some pictures. So, there was actually a set of rods over there on that wall of old windows. My husbands suits are all custom made and putting them on this rack even temporarily freaked him out! ha ha ha And, yes, those are my shoes on the shelves there. I freely admit I have a serious shoe addiction.

Notice the disgusting floor and old as crap panelling. Gotta love how they did things in the 60's and 70's. Whoever designed cheap panelling should have been shot in my opinion!

This is the entry looking into our bedroom. It is actually very nice looking except for the carpet. We will be putting down wood floors soon. They are purchased even, we just haven't had the time to empty the room to get them done.

The last "Before" picture. As you can see this room needed some serious TLC. the afters....
BEHOLD, our new master bathroom and closet.

We wanted a tall, extra wide toilet and we actually had to special order it and then travel 2 hours to pick it up. It is worth it though. I love that thing. The sink we got at Lowes. It was exactly what I was looking for and it came complete with the counter top and sink. It was the perfect one and the price was just $425. If you've priced bathroom vanities you know that is an awesome price. Well, we told them we wanted it and they showed to have one in stock but they couldn't find it. They tried to sell me a different one at a discount but I was adamant...I wanted THIS one. So, they sold me the floor model and also gave it to me for an additional 20% off. The shower is my pride and joy. I love the glass walls. We decided to go with the no-trim walls. They are fabulous. We just use a squeegee after every shower and they stay really clean. What you can't tell from the picture though is we had heated floors installed. At the time the hubs said he wanted them I thought, whatever. Now? OMG...they are divine! I love them. It feels so good to walk in there in the morning and not have to feel cold tile.

Now on to the closet. Everything you see was purchased at Ikea and we put it all together. We don't actually have an Ikea in my little town so we had to drive 6 hours pulling a trailer to get it all but it is so worth it. I love my closet now.

I have all of my t-shirts, workout stuff, and sweaters in the drawers.

All of my purses are in those decorative boxes on the top shelves which I also purchased at Ikea. I also have a key which lists what purse is in what box so I can just reference my list when I want a specific purse.

So, that is our new bathroom and closet. We did not do all of the tile, electrical, or plumbing ourselves. We contracted that out and frankly I'm glad. We have done quite a few project ourselves in our house including all of those things but this time we just didn't have the time to spend on it so we paid to have that done. I'm so glad we did too. However, don't let that deter you. If you have the time and the patience, you could do it. The internet is a wonderful source of "how-tos'.
So, have a great Trash to Treasure Thursday.


Michelle Rayburn said...

Oh my goodness! This is an amazing transformation.


Sassy said...

still can't wait to snoop through it.... wait, i mean 'see' it in person!! :)

inspired30 said...

love it! i especially love that you have a list to reference what purse is in what box. that's great!!