Monday, November 15, 2010

Make it Mondays - Seasonal Shadow Box

I have this shadow box hanging in my dining room. I got the vinyl words from my wonderful Stampin Up demonstrator which I put on the glass of a store bought shadow box I bought at Hobby Lobby. I try to switch out the backing every month to go along with each season. The one for Halloween was this one:
So, it was time to change it up a little. I started by getting the paper cut. I put it on the back of the shadow box with straight pins. The back has got a black velvet material over some batting so the straight pins work great to just temporarily attach the paper to the back.

Next, I added some 3 dimensional elements that I also bought at Hobby Lobby. I just attached them to the paper with my favorite hot glue gun.

Next, I made a sort of platform for the bottom. I cut some styrofoam the length of the frame and then covered it in a matching paper. I covered it just like I was wrapping a present.

After I put the glass in the frame, I put the "platform" in. I wanted this there so I could add another element to the design. I bought this wonderful wooden turkey on a long dowel so I just pushed the dowel into the platform which held it in place.

The turkey had to be put facing outward of course.

Then I just put the paper covered back on it and hung it up. Voila! A new seasonal wall hanging.

Here it is with the entire wall grouping. I know, I know...whoever put that plug there in the middle of the wall should be shot! Oh well, the joys of owning an old farm house! ha ha ha

I hope this inspires you to create your own seasonal wall hanging.
P.S. The picture in the middle up there is one my daughter made for me last Christmas. Each letter is a photograph that she took. I absolutely love it! I'm trying to do the complete alphabet now with pictures of letters that I find interesting. It's taking awhile to do...but that's another post for a later date.


inspired30 said...

Love it!!!! How festive and fun! I also really love the whole wall grouping. Fabulous!!

Sassy said...

that is STINKIN' cute! :)