Friday, October 8, 2010


As the seasons are changing I find myself struggling with deciding what to wear each day. I guess I've discovered that my wardrobe consists of 2 seasons of clothing...summer and winter. I don't seem to have very many in-between things. My winter stuff is all heavy, wool, long sleeved, and way too hot to wear in 80 degree afternoons. My summer stuff is all light, breezy, summery...and way too cold to wear on those 50 degree mornings. Not only that but I've also discovered that apparently my very obvious and often lamented shoe fetish seems to be concentrated on summer type shoes. I really don't have very many close toed shoes. I have quite a few pair of boots, some of which are actually new for this year but I feel awkward and out of place wearing boots in 80 degrees. So, what is a girl to do? I could go out and go hog wild buying tons of new shoes, of which I have no place to store, or I could somehow make do with what I have.

This brings me to today's post. I did some research last night to find out what the "experts" say about the subject of today's blog. Is it ok to wear tights with open toed shoes? Unless you've been living under a rock you have to have noticed that tights have made a come back. No longer do they exist only in pictures from the 70's, no ma'am. They are back with a vengeance. But, is it ok to wear them with open toed shoes? Here is what I found:

First of all, nude hose are so passe. I didn't find a single article that thought they were ok anymore. So, for all of you out there with a firm supply of panty hose, you might want to rethink wearing them. Apparently it is not ok anymore. Most everything I read said to just go bare legged rather than wearing the dreaded nude pantyhose. However, tights are a different story. They are definitely in the "it's hot" category. But, can you wear them with open toed shoes? The answer (according to many sources as well as myself) is YES! You can wear your cute opaque tights with open toed shoes. There are some guidelines though so pay attention.

First of all, the tights need to be opaque, meaning not sheer and you can't see your legs through them. This will prevent some people from taking some pantyhose that are black and claiming them as tights and then breaking the above rule of no more pantyhose. If in doubt, stretch them out on your hand, can you see your skin? You should not be able to.

Second, patterns are a yes. However, the pattern colors must be muted. Don't go for a bright fuschia and black plaid for example. However a nice muted gray and black plaid is very cute.

Third, do not mix different color tights. For example, do not have one pink leg and one yellow leg. This just makes you look like a clown. No, really...Don't do it!

So, as for the shoes. I actually found it was ok to wear the tights with open toed shoes. There are some gotcha's on it though. You can't wear tights with some cute strappy sandals. Oh honey no...that would just look horrible. You can wear them with a peep toe shoe though or even a sandal if, and only if, the sandal is chunky with wide straps and a big heel. Here are some cute examples of what is ok:

I love this outfit, tights, shoes, purse, all rocks!

Now I'm not overly fond of these tights but I have to admit, they are still cute with these shoes and this is totally ok.

Now on to an "oh honey no" example:

Please, Please, Please, do not EVER wear this:

Unless you want to look like those little old ladies in church that really just don't know any better, this is a horrible look. Can you see the difference between this and the 2 above? The difference is in the shoe. Chunky peep toe shoes are dang cute with tights. Strappy (say it isn't so WHITE) sandals are so not ok with black tights. Let's just go ahead and put those strappy white sandals in the closet until after Easter shall we?

Until next time, this is just another "the world according to me" post. Feel free to argue, complain, agree, or disagree down there in the comments.

Have a great Friday!


Small Town City Girl said...

um....does this apply to ALL panty hose or just nude color?? Can we were suntan or black???

BikerCandy said...

Well, in my opinion you can wear any type of panty hose, just not with open toed shoes of any kind. Although, the fashionistas I've found online say that nude panty hose are the devil reincarnate so take that as you will. I think I'm going to toss mine out. I'm going to stick with either bare legs or tights this year.

PrissE said...

Gurl! this is just you contributing to the fashion safety of the world. Safety first!!