Monday, October 4, 2010

A Fresh New Blog

Well, here it is, a fresh new blog. This blog is totally different from any previous endeavor I've undertaken in the realm of blogs. This blog is going to be about 3 of my passions: Food, Fashion, and Design. So, this is not necessarily going to be me trying to be funny, or me bitching about my everyday life. No sirree. This here blog is going to be about me sharing new ideas, new recipes, new fashion tips, new decorating ideas, and just in general new things that I find that I really like. So, with that, here goes:

Speaking of fashion...I was watching Project Runway the other day and Heidi Klum said something that after much consideration I've decided I just don't agree with. One of the designers created this very cute outfit with a kind of goldish, yellow piping. Then the designer paired the outfit with some goldish, yellow shoes. Heidi criticized the outfit saying (and I quote here) "that's just too matchy matchy and that's not where it's at now." OK...well maybe she didn't say those EXACT words but pretty much that sums up what she said. After she said that I really started to think about it. What is so wrong about "matchy matchy"? Personally I've always really strived to go for the matched look. I think you look more put together and more stylish if you really do try to match something in your outfit with your shoes. Now, there are exceptions to this rule. Such as: a totally black and white outfit rocks out with some bright red shoes, or a hot pink dress looks fab with some black patent leather pumps. But, in general, I prefer to match. Does this mean I'm no longer the fashionista that I've self proclaimed myself to be? Say it isn't so.

Well, being the investigative reporter that I am I decided to do a little research. (Don't you just love Google?). Well, the Urban Dictionary defines "matchy matchy" as: Often used in fashion blogs (ya think?). Used to describe an outfit that is too coordinated and consists of too many of the same types of colours, patterns, fabrics, accessories, designer pieces, thematic elements, etc. Can also be used in reference to interior design. Google also has a plethora of pictures dedicated to illustrate exactly what matchy matchy looks like. However, many of these pictures I find cute. Exhibit A:

Now I'm not a Paris Hilton fan, don't get me wrong there, but personally I find this outfit incredibly cute. I like the red belt, purse, and shoes. I like the contrast with the blue and I don't find the outfit "wrong" in any way. Well, of course except the obvious thing of it is Paris Hilton wearing it. But really? This was shown as an example of what not to do.

Next exhibit B:

Now this I do consider just a tad too much matching. There should be more than one color. So, in this case I do think they are right, this is a bit too much matching. However, on the other hand, this girl is really rocking this outfit. She looks polished, put together and confident. So, even though the outfit is a bit too much "matchy matchy", she pulls it off because of her self confidence.

So, after exhaustive research I've decided two things. The fashion world may be a little off on this one. Matchy Matchy is ok, as long as it isn't the entire outfit. Matching your shoes with another accessory can totally rock! Sorry Heidi, you got it wrong this time. Second, it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks or says, if you feel pretty you can rock anything. Self confidence is where it's at baby!

This is another "the world according to me" post. Feel free to argue, agree, or just express any opinion you would like here in the comments.

Until next time, remember fashion is a reflection of yourself. Don't be frumpy!


Sassy said...

I'm all about the 'matchy-matchy'!! enjoyed this post, my friend! keep 'em coming!

inspired30 said...

yay another blog to follow!! love it! i must say exhibit B might have been a bit too matchy-matchy because her skin tone is very similar to her clothes color choice had it all been a different color maybe it would have worked better. although i do totally agree her confident walk does make it work for her. enjoyed it!! can't wait for the next installment!!