Friday, December 9, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree…Oh Christmas Tree

Time to share my main tree.  This tree is the one that sits in our living room.  All of the presents for Hot Rod, myself, the girls, their husband, and of course my new grandbaby will reside beneath it’s branches before the big day comes.  This tree has progressed over the last few years to what it is today…BEAUTIFUL!!!!


The color scheme is red, gold, and white.  The tree itself came from Sears a few years back.  It was pre-lit.  I say WAS because those pre-lit lights haven’t worked since it’s second year.  But, I still love the tree so much I just hang lights on it and keep going.  I love this tree and I love so many of the ornaments on it.  Every year I get a new ornament for myself and my girls.  I hang them on the tree and the girls have to figure out which is the new one for the year. This year there are actually 2 of them.  I bought them and then figured out that I only got 3 and I wanted to start a collection for Sidney too.  I went back to get another one and they were all gone so I got something else too.  So, the first one was this adorable owl.  He is so cute!


So, since I couldn’t get a 4th one I went with the matching bird instead, he is cute too, not as cute as the owl but I think he’ll do just fine.


Some of my other favorite ornaments and decorations I wanted to share include this one.  I have one of these for each of the dogs, all of ours and all of the kids.  I just lost my wonderful dog, Charlie, the day before Thanksgiving.  He was so special and will always hold a special place in my heart so his ornament got front and center placing this year as a memento to him.  We will miss you Charlie more than I can ever say!


I got a few new ornaments at Dillards last year after Christmas so this was the first year for them on the tree and I do love them!




Every year my sisters and I go to a local nursery that really does it up for Christmas.  They have tons of decorated trees throughout the store in just about every theme you can imagine.  I usually get a few ornaments each year to add to my collection and this year I found this beautiful mini-chandy.  It was the perfect addition to the tree this year.


The last thing I would like to share is my “topper”.  I saw this type of topper on Pinterest and around the web and started doing it last year.  I have added more things this year after the sales after Christmas last year and I think it has really developed into a beautiful topper.  I also added the gold Merry Christmas.  I got it at Hobby Lobby this year (50% off of course!)



Every night I got home and just watch the lights twinkle and glow and I just smile.  I love Christmas and this tree just epitomizes Christmas for me.  Full of tinsel, joy, and sparkle!


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