Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So Pretty!

So, yesterday I was sitting at work and got a text from my brother-in-law.  You see we are in the midst of yet another remodel…this time our hall bathroom.  My brother-in-law is basically our contractor for all intents and purposes.  He stays at the house during the day while Hot Rod and I work to watch over the workers and let them in and such.  Well, he sent a text saying “look what I just found in your backyard.”  Then this picture followed…


Isn’t it so pretty!  I immediately texted him back and told him please don’t kill him or let Charlie kill him.  You see my dog will pretty much kill anything that ever comes in our back yard.  Well, turns out we have figured out the one thing that apparently put Charlie in his place…an owl!  My brother-in-law said that Charlie went over to it then quickly retreated.  I think those talons of the owl are pretty intimidating.  So my brother-in-law texted me back and said the owl has a broken wing and he had already called SPCA to come and get him.  They are going to nurse him back to health!  So, we rescued a beautiful owl yesterday.  I think it is so pretty too!  I showed the picture to everyone and my sister responded “It’s Hedgewig”  ha ha ha  What are the odds of finding an owl in your backyard in West Texas?  I’m guessing they aren’t that big but apparently we are just special that way.

I hope they fix his wing and he gets all better and comes back and visits!

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