Friday, August 26, 2011

A Splurge from Craig’s List – Entry Room Makeover Part 6

Well, my entry way is really coming along and I wanted to share one more thing with you this week. This has been my biggest splurge in the room to date, but it’s one I am totally in love with. I have shared with you already how things are looking…




So, I’m really liking things…except for these pesky chairs!


They definitely do NOT match anything in the room, but I liked them enough. I think the lines and style are fine, but the finish and the fabric would need updating. That was originally my plan (once I got to the point where I could do it that is). But then yesterday while killing some time I was looking over the internet and took a peak at Craig’s List for my town and found a listing for 2 antique Victorian chairs. I clicked on the picture and fell in love! She had paid $400 for them and she was asking $95 each or best offer. I texted her and asked if they were still available and if she would take $150 for both of them. She AGREED! Yippee Skippy!!!!!

Take a look at my lovely new additions now!



The only downside to the entire thing was my husband actually said “They sure are ugly!” Can you believe it? I mean what does he not understand? They are gorgeous! I’ll admit, I’m not married to the pink velvet upholstery but the chairs themselves are beautiful and the pink is not bad at all and actually goes well in the room. So, now my sad looking chairs from before will be on Craig’s List and I don’t have to do anything to finish this part of the room now. YAY!!!!! I’ll admit though, the $150 price tag was a little steep so as this post is titled this was my big splurge for the room. However, I’m really happy with them and I’m glad I got them. No buyers remorse here baby! So, do you agree with my husband or with me? Do you like them or do you think “they are so ugly?” I would love some comments and if you agree with me I’m going to show my husband…if you agree with him…well I may just not show him your comment but I appreciate it anyway! ha ha ha

Have a great weekend everyone! (I’ll be sharing my weekend project sometime next week…we are putting in a tile backsplash in my mom’s kitchen so stay tuned!)

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Jessica said...

I love them! They are super cute. When Dad was describing pink velvet chairs I was a little worried as well. BUT, these are adorable!